Coalition needs to fix IBIRI, this is getting to be problematic

So after reading many threads about IBIRI, it still seems this issue is an ongoing thing, and I know it is since it is on and off for me all of the time.

I play on PC, and some days I’ll never get the message and I can just go on my merry way. Other days, after I try a bunch of things such as: restarting the game, restarting the xbox app, checking for updates on the windows store, restarting PushToInstall on the services menu, I can’t seem to fix it once it starts. It would be ridiculous if I had to restart my PC every time I want to play Gears, especially if it won’t guarantee the IBIRI error going away.

Anyone who can direct me to a thread that has a solution or if the Coalition can get on this, that would be great!

lo solucionastte? a mi tambien me sale el error IBIRI creo que el fallo es de ellos

ESTO Se puede arreglar pero ellos no quieren, el juego es suyo no es mio ni tuyo asin que el que tiene la solucion para arreglar estos fallos son los creadores lo arreglaran cuando ellos les apetezcan, ya se lo pensara mas de uno en comprarse el gear 5 y mas si tiene estos fallos