Coalition help me!!

Alright here’s what happened. I, PSG Maggot, logged in first and fired up the game. Then my wife PSG GritGrace logged in on the second controller split screen. And purchased the 1,000 iron twice for 20. Making her iron count go to 1250. It did not show it on screen. But the purchase went through. She then bought the cardboard Shepard. The purchase using iron went through. Then she bought the cardboard loadout weapon set. The purchase went through. Bringing her total iron down to 600 to get the cardboard sniper set tomorrow. But her total iron on screen never showed a change. Still stayed at the original 250

But they did not get added to my wife’s PSG GritGrace inventory. They added to MINE… PSG Maggot on the same screen but using first controller. And the remaining 600 iron as well as the skin and weapon set added to me instead of her despite the purchase being made on her profile and controller while on split screen.

These things leave the store tomorrow. And she really wanted her cardboard Shepard and cardboard loadout and her 600 iron left for the sniper loadout tomorrow but they added to PSG GritGrace and not me, PSG Maggot.

Is there a way to move her things back to her account. She really loves them. And really wanted them. Please?

Hey man.

They won’t help you via the forums for things like this.

Your best bet is to go here and fill in a request:

It’ll probably take them a few days at a minimum to get to it though.

Your other option is Twitter

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