Coalition has listened to Feedback about Character Grind?

The Coalition obviously doesn’t care about the concerns relating to the totem system and the needs to grind. The Kantus unlock is poorly designed and obviously meant to encourage purchasing of the character. To unlock the Kantus you must do the following:

  • Earn 60,000 XP playing Versus, Horde or Escape with the Kantus Totem equipped
  • Get 300 Eliminations with Locust Weapons with the Kantus Totem equipped
  • Revive 75 Teammates with the Kantus Totem equipped
  • Get 100 Assists in Versus with the Kantus Totem equipped
  • Complete 6 Acts of Escape on Advanced difficulty or above with the Kantus Totem equipped

Why are players being forced to play escape to unlock a character that can’t be used in that game mode? And the 60,000 exp grind is just there to draw out the unlock process.

I personally completed the challenges for the every character that I have unlocked long before the exp grind reached 60, 000 exp. I also cannot readily unlock characters by playing my preferred modes ( TDM, FFA and Koth). I find I am being forced to play horde and escape ( the weakest mode in the game in my opinion ) in order to unlock anything without opening my wallet.

Please share your thoughts and opinions.


Sheesh. Back in 3, all but three characters only have one objective to unlock them. They should’ve have one objective that the progress is shared in all game modes. (Not the EXP one)

Ummm. It’s easier to spend money. It’s what I did. Get with the program please. The fact they have to spend time thinking up these challenges slows development down.


Im all for supporting a game that I enjoy playing, BUT when that game releases with a lack of content only to try and sell that content down the road is a F^CKING JOKE


I agree, but that’s all games now. I think 60k xp is a little much too.

While I did buy operation 2, it just so I didn’t have the headache of challenges.

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Its because people keep buying then b^tching. People need to stop buying. They dont care what we actually say because they just listen to our wallets. And seeing all these people running around with the purchasable skins this trend wont die



Too be honest with you exp is almost useless in Gears 5. Re-upping doesn’t reward you with much unlike Gears 4 and you can no longer earn credits (which were exp correlated). For example I finished the Jermad challenges before even reaching 20, 000 exp with the totem. The 60,000 exp grind is nothing but vapid grinding, that can take many more hours than the actual unlock challenges.

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60k xp can be earned in a day… try reupping I’m higher reups, like damn you all suck if it’s a grind XD.

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Really ? I only earn 300 to 500 exp per versus match I play ? How are you earning that exp so fast?

I think Octus replied to this on here. They noticed that players who mostly play a Versus get barely any XP compared to those who play Escape/Horde. This is probably due to being able to play on higher difficulties from Insane-Master.

They said they’re looking into upping the Versus XP but they don’t have anything yet.

While I do agree that certain challenges (not really prevalent in this one) should be allowed to be completed in all modes and not just a particular mode, Gears 3 had similar unlocks such as the Golden Miner/Hunter and Prescott that required playing certain modes or with certain weapons (Griffin too with the earn $1,000,000 in Horde).

The only really one that’s a pain is the XP one. The rest I think are fairly manageable this time around .

The challenges such as getting kills with locust weapons are way easier in horde. Just start a custom game on beginner with bots and kill enemies over-and-over again with Boltok, Hammerburst or Boomshot. Plus you can revive bots, who tend to frequently go down against Scions ,Opressor Deebees and other heavy enemies.


This is like the 7th separate medal/totem challenge that involves reviving a ridiculous amount of people in Operation 2. Something like 300 eliminations/100 assists or whatever is fine. You get those in the natural course of playing the game. Same with the 60k exp. 75 revives is something that will either take absolutely forever in normal play, or if you have someone to cheese it with it will be done in 10 minutes. What’s the point? Enough with the stupid revives.


I mainly play horde, and I’m finished all the horde medals and hero medals except for Jack’s power (I’m half way there after 3 small horde runs), and 3 million with del or whoever (haven’t used him yet this tour.
All my revives so far have JUST given me the medal under basic for I think 150 revives, and only 50 in horde as X characters. it’s just stupid how many times you need your team mates to fall down.

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Team Medic: Revive 150 Teammates
Escape Medic: Revive 50 Teammates in Escape as COG Gear
Medic Support: Revive 100 Teammates as Jack, Keegan or COG Gear in Horde
Versus Medic: Revive 50 Teammates

That’s a total of 200 total revives you need across 3 different modes (the Team Medic medal will progress automatically as you complete the other 3).

…now get 75 more revives for the Kantus totem.


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Its a personal choice…i choose not to bother with any kind of grind for characters/skins ect…the game imo isn’t good enough…as for paying…a definite nope…i have del with 4 lvl 5 cards …the remaining card i use needs 8 more to get to lvl 5…after playing 135 wvs of master horde i didn’t get a single card for this particular one…im past caring now…horde is repetitive n boring…custom like pubs most of the time…just accepted that tc really dont get it🙄

I mean, if you’re nice enough and stop being so stubborn in the forums, I may be up for helping you out again.

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That’s not even a grind.

BFF achievement is a grind which they should nerf…

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That one point there is spot on. Everything else is immaterial, you nailed it. :+1:

We ALL know why we have to jump through these hoops…I except we don’t have to do anything of course, but you get my point.


From what I remember, if you play Escape > Master > The Clock it gives you around 2500-3000 exp, per run. But, you gotta like grinding it out that way.