Coalition gone silent?

I keep making forum post in hope the Coalition sees what problems they have with the game but I’ve heard nothing in return.You guys gave us a trash gears that I’m calling Cod Gears. Lancer is dumb and overpowering everything, flash nades are a joke, you can’t solo queue because you’ll lose with the teammates your given compared to what you verse. The game is incredibly unresponsive with shots and wall-bouncing. Pc players are basically gods and your store is for the rich. I bought the xbox console but I have the same amount of Iron as a person who bought the $80 version, I spent $540. Ranking system is gross and I want to know what the Coalition is doing about this, There is so much anger going around and I don’t want to be a part of it but damn I took Gears 4 for granted. Guys hello??? People are already bored of multiplayer look at other forums. You’re building around esports instead of what Gears has always been. Wanna hear a positive? Campaign itself was good there you go. Just for one last thing, you guys look very greedy and greed is a horrific trait for a company. I’m trying to help stop Gears Judgement 2.0, Coalition if you read this, please start paying attention to your fans. If you agree give it a like and comment about what you think, please.

Well the best way to get their attention is probably not to lead off with “you guys gave us a trash gears”…but to each their own I guess

I heard they all went on vacation to celebrate this flashbang of a game. Don’t worry the game breaking bugs can wait

They had 2 dev streams in the past week where they talked about this. Specific mentions to weapon balance, and the ranking system.

This page is also helpful for them addressing some of the issues:

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