Coalition gears


Jesus christ


The rifle feedback is still there… Oh wait. You mean the original broken Marcus. No thanks. Had worse experience with random players who had to demand to skip the waves and wouldn’t share their ultimate ability to anyone.


I believe it’s you that is sloppy and lazy. You should put some effort in and produce a post that’s both coherent and containing constructive criticism.


We finally have an operation where most of the characters are balanced (Except Promo ones)
Why would you want the old Marcus back? As fun as it was it was ridiculously OP. Even now you can still clear the whole wave. No one wants a character that can have their ult going the entire game.


To the Coalition…Skip.


Pretty much echoing what other people are saying, the “old” Marcus from Op 3 or 4(don’t recall when they made the class ridiculously OP) being gone is only a good thing. Bad enough that the ult is removing almost any need to aim from the player(is useful for Overload runs though), but it was beyond borked that it was also self sustaining automatic headshots until the much needed Op 5 changes.

Implying that TC doesn’t know what they’re doing with the balancing changes(most are good, just a few outliers here and there) because they actually changed a broken mechanic that encouraged selfish play(and seems to still make people kick players using the Veteran class as it’s now called) to something that actually should make others want to share their ult for max effectiveness while it runs during a limited period that still suffices to wipe out most of if not an entire wave, well, you’re fishing for something that isn’t there.

It’s not coming back, get over it. Right from the start when they messed up by giving the class these ridiculous buffs in the first place, I knew it would get patched especially when TC made it such that you could only keep the ult by killing most or all things during several waves.

And at that, it was extremely boring for anyone who didn’t get any benefits from the aimbot, if the player even shared it at all. Fun for one or twice, then it loses all interest. The class is still boring to play as even now.

Yes here. What is it my son ?

Lul, they buffed Marcus with the card change. Actually viable in Escape now and there’s no downside to sharing anymore.

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Haha! Burn!!! :smiley:

Seriously though. Just listen to yourself.

Here tc actually listened. Gears players are always bickering and opinions are generally divided, but the one opinion where almost everyone was united was that rifle feedback was unbalanced and made Marcus op. I think Marcus is in a pretty good place now. He still does very much damage and has a very powerful ult, you just have to make sure to use it at the right time rather than keep it running a whole match.

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Old rifle feedback was a terrible thing that was in the game. Imagine something being so overpowered that you can have you ult up the entire 50 waves… idk about you but that sounds very OP and boring to me. On the other hand his new rifle feedback(focus) is much healthier for the game.

Yeah old Marucs was broken as hell. Also I think the game is mostly balanced okay. some stuff is still too strong and a little OP but the game is in a much healthier spot. I would still like to see further balancing so all classes are relative in strength to one another

I thnk the class is still fun but then again I was never somebody who liked rifle feedback or used it. Their are other classes that I think are still a little too strong but the game is in a much healthier spot, more so then it’s ever been in which shows how far things have come. Still I think the game can get even better which is very exciting.

Yeah new marcus is much better now and playing with your team isn’t punished anymore which is great. Also Marcus has always been viable and useful in escape so.

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Yeah I did one 50 horde run (I think I was around for about 35) where every round was skipped and marcus just stood there and fired.
Probably the most boring horde I played, easy xp but ugh.

1 Hive. Marcus was the Meta for 1 single Hive. Of course you wouldn’t know about it.

Thanks for the reminder though, I didn’t mute you yet.

Do whatever you want man. I just want the game to be in a good position and which the best for the game. Escape is defiantly better now though because some of my friends who previously didn’t like it are opening up to it so things are getting better which is great.

Marcus’s old ultimate was OP. Yes it was nice but defiantly had an effect different from the intentions of the class by TC, if you know what you are doing the new card version of it is more than enough. Maybe try some teamwork instead of sitting in a corner mowing down enemies for 10 waves strait​:man_shrugging::man_shrugging: