Coalition fix this please, everybody will agree

The thing is that in control games, is useless to have the round won count in scoreboard, because there is only one round to play, So I think will be more usefull to display the ring points/seconds in the scoreboard instead of rounds won, sometimes in some tight games I have played, at the end of the game, I would have liked to know how many ring points/seconds of diference between both teams. I think this is something really easy to have ready for the next update.

Hope you understand what I mean guys.

Thank you so much.


You literally know this once a team wins the match lmao

Is this a troll post?

Win score - loser = Hard math.
Besides the fact that you can calculate it yourself, I don’t see what advantage that would bring.


Just for the record…you don’t speak for me…
I’ll agree that the rounds won is somewhat redundant, but eh.

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I would like the fix:
Best of 3 OR 500 points to win over 1 round.

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More than one seems fair, off rounds happen.


However I would hate to play 3 rounds of Control on BD or Gridlock lol

When a team reaches 300 points, automatically all the HUD in the screen disapears, and from that moment, there is no way to know the ring points anymore. I know it may be something absurd but is more pointless to have the round count in a game based on winning a single round.

As I said before, in some tight games where the last seconds are crucial, and I stay extremely focused on playing, I dont have time or do not think in that moment to look at the ring points at the top left corner, and once finished, I like to know if we have won/lost by 3, 2, or 1 point for example.

Another solution would be to keep the ring points a few seconds at the end of the game instead of disapearing instantly once one of the teams reach 300 for example.

But is more logic to have it in socoreboard.

I would assume you would know how many points each team has as it dictates how the match is played as well as each player’s strategy.

If you’re not keeping track then it’s the players own fault.

wait did this man make his own post the solution even though he made the topic xD?

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Appears that way.

well case close this thread can now be closed by Ghost then?

Huh, a forum member solving their own problem? Well then there is a first for everything lol.

i know right? there a first for everything!

I am appalled lol

The solution is basically as simple as changing two lines of code.

The problem is making devs aware of this request.

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