Coalition & community hear me out

Okay, so. First guys I want to say as a designer in a process with a bunch of people, I totally get the incremental updates, and the stages things have had to roll out. I read the What’s ups, and follow news closely, and honestly, the game gets better and better… but I do still hear a ton of people complain, mentioning things that are broke or frustrations.

I think from there we all kind of see that, and some of us show anger towards the game, and trash it, but what if there is a side we aren’t really seeing here,.

There are games where I am up against players way better than me, and I kick their freaking ■■■. Right? You guys all know the feeling of just stomping on a squad you know was trying.

I noticed over the years, that people don’t complain about getting their ■■■ kicked though , but I know sometimes ME AND MY FRIENDS ARE THE TEAM getting the whooping… but my teammates tend to complain about the game as the problem. Trash connection, ■■■■■■■ game, gears is trash, ■■■■ this game, it’s always the game and coalition’s fault. I think it’s important to note here, that this brings a negative outlook on the game, from a community standpoint, especially when the whole team agrees the game they play everyday is trash. I hate that!

Now, I am not saying the game is perfect, no game is, and Gears has ‘some’ work to do, but I think we can’t discredit that the weekly updates telling us what they are working on, shows in game. Ever dual I have been in the past two weeks has been much longer, especially in KOTH! I think some of the complaints I’m hearing, especially now, maybe anger is just directed wrong.

I hope I don’t sound toxic, because this is about the opposite. I think we have a problem with identifying exactly what are bugs, and what are areas we can improve as a team, a player, or just see what the enemy did more clearly.

We need to implement three things, and I’m calling for some support here, from everyone to get coalition’s attention (no email on your website guys? I really want to discuss this… ) and implement a few SIMPLE features to the game, that could easily be something to squeeze into a small update, while working on important things.

In Gears of War 1, while dead, any one on voice chat could hear anyone else dead. It was a global voice chat for dead people essentially. This, aside from sitting in lobby, waiting for it to fill and talking ■■■■ the whole time, but this was one of the fundamentals that built the love for Gears that the long time players have. The oldest players here feel LONELY and SAD and MAD while playing this game. That’s not right, that’s bad for the Franchise. I’m asking coalition to allow for a small toggle, so if you don’t want it, don’t use it… but a small toggle that allows Global chat capabilities. The rivalry between teams will get stronger, and hearing both sides of ■■■■■■■■ kills will end some of the toxicity towards Gears 5 and Coalition. We need this, please.

Text chat is not the same, period.

So my ideas for Global Voice chat are these three:

  1. Global while Dead in Ranked Matches
  2. Proximity Option for Global (2A)
  3. Make the Emote count 6 instead of four, so non mic players can communicate more.

2B - This would be epic in Free For All, approaching players and being able to talk to them. Think Division???

I think this request may sound really random, but I think after 13 years on Gears, I’m really just identifying something deeply rooted, Gears 1 was really the only one with a social aspect, and it seems like its mostly the same people playing each release… maybe that’s why… we are all wanting that game we used to have.

Thanks for hearing me out.

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I think all the flack is justified, much like jears, devs just have to put their stamp on the game even when its detrimental to it.

As to the dead room coming back, hell yes. Exe just isn’t as special without it.
Was always great dropping back into chat having clutched a round, hearing all the banter and cheers already going off.
Good times!

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I definitely agree, I think the global chat would just move some conversation around better than text. I had a teammate with 4 deaths and 28 kills in tdm yesterday, and all four were fully blamed on the game- I just think he got killed 4 times in these kind of cases lol

I picture proximity chat and king of the hill, shutting out a team, and just talking smack Everytime they come up to circle. The fun factor would be way higher.

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Yes. Sometimes the enemy is so skilled it seems like the game has broken around you.