CO-OP VS AI Questions

So I like to do this mode when trying to finish dailies and warming up to play against real players. Would still like to enjoy my time on it though so there’s these questions I have.

Why does it never switch to the locust/swarm side? Why do the bots always use the same characters? Why is the map rotation in it so bad?

On a side note I can’t remember if this is how it is currently but for VS AI after match all three vote choices should be different maps and modes. If it’s already like that then this part can be disregarded.

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I think no one on here can really answer your questions, but I think TC really designed Co-op Vs AI as a simple versus mode for beginners/practicing. (Or Hardcore for when you want a more challenging experience)

That being said, it’s pretty lame we don’t get to (randomized) play as Cog or Swarm… Bots are always the same… I remember back in Gears 3 we always had random bots to play against. Probably too much work for TC to add for a ‘practice’ game mode… :worried:

The fact that guardian has been given it’s own playlist really stinks… I’d often like to kick back, and just grind out the medals against bots. But I’m forced to play against real players which takes soo much more time that I don’t even try to complete them anymore… :roll_eyes: (Only the easy ones)

There are different match choices to choose from post-match, same as in social/versus.

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Don’t the devs respond here sometimes? Or at least read here? If not then…that’s honestly just sad.

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Yeah, TC_Kilo1062 or TC_Sera often do.

Because it unfortunately requires a lot more work than meets the eye, which TC put very low down the priority list, and then never do. The effort doesn’t really justify the reward.

Its been like that since Gears 4, and TC have never done it. This suggestion was made in Gears 4 and Gears 5, and its never been done. It isn’t going to happen.

Probably because its easier on the system, plus you can uninstall customisation content, so it would be simpler for TC to keep it the same bots, although it is boring, and that will never be fixed or changed I imagine.

Depends what day you turn up on, sometimes its good, sometimes its bad. Generally the same maps come up anyway because its what players like at the end of the day.

Your questions all come down to a lack of ambition and wonky prioritizing from TC.
Regarding you last point it sadly isn’t. The first choice you get is same mode, different map. The other two may be different modes and/or maps, but often isn’t, may get the same map as the first choice or have duplicates of modes.

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I fail to see it being that much work when it already happens for every other versus mode. Sounds like them just cutting corners just because.

How exactly can you uninstall customization content? I’m pretty sure it’s all in the game’s data regardless of you personally having it or not as others can use them. Regardless this is a MS game. One would think they have the funds, resources, and people available to easily make a small change like that.

My point about the map rotation is comparing it to the other versus modes. VS AI seems to favor the original maps way more than the other versus modes do.

I don’t know how much work it actually is, I’m not a developer so I’m going on what has been said by TC in the past. It might be simple but I’m not too sure.

You can go into the Install Manager and there’s an option to take out customisation content, which will leave you with the basic skins for characters (enough for MP to function but not the comprehensive collection).

And no doubt they do. They (Microsoft) have 14 billion in cash as of their most recent quarterly financial figures, the problem that will face TC is the benefit. It might be a simple change (I don’t actually know, it could be, but I’m not a developer, so I don’t know how much work it would take), but its not a change that will benefit a large portion of players in the game, and may take resources away other things.

I do agree with you as a consumer. Its just from a business perspective that it gets tricky.

I do agree with you here. Most Co-Op Vs AI matches are King of the Hill on a selection of 5 maps, typically Foundation, Clocktower, Gridlock, etc. I would like to see more variety, and a wider selection of maps showing up.

However, another problem you then face are the players themselves, who will likely pick their favourite map or whatever mode comes up.

But if you uninstall customization content and then go online with other people using it obviously the game data for it is still there otherwise the character and skin(s) would render wrong. Besides I think that’s an Xbox/MS Store thing. I play on Steam which is just one straight install.

Do we have the numbers on how many people play in each mode? I’m honestly curious how many play each one on average.

Oddly enough in VS AI most players don’t even vote. Or at least the ones I sit in.

I’ve never tried it myself, but it is an option for players to use to save on size, and I’m not quite sure on how it works. Maybe someone who has can give us some info here?

No unfortunately, the only population metric we have is Steam numbers, which isn’t that useful. TC does have some metric in their systems but they have not made public any specific figures. That goes back to Gears 4 and Gears UE, where we got a ranking of the top 3 most popular modes in Ranked and that was it. No specific numbers.

There may be a way of using leaderboards to do it, but it would involve a lot of assumptions and may not even be that useful.

I find that as well, in a lobby of 5 usually only 2 people votes (me and someone else usually), then its down to luck as to which map and mode gets picked. I would much rather see a Veto system a la Halo 3 but that’s going away from the topic.

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I personally don’t like when game companies hide the amount of people on the game or how many are on each mode. It’s why I love Steam Charts so much but yeah like you said using Steam player numbers can’t be used to accurately identify how many people are on G5 as more are on Xbox compared to Steam.

Oh well. Thanks for the discussion and responses bud.

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haha, YES…

They will SOMEtimes reply here to VERY SPECIFIC issues… But most of the issues which deal with things we don’t like, or think are stupid, etc, they will rarely go on a record to comment on.

Coop VS AI - you’re always cog, That was even the case in GoW4…

And, personally, I think the really overdid it with “beginner” bots, Beginner bots in GoW4 were real beginner, and someone totally new to the game could play and have fun and learn the basics of the game.

in G5 “Beginner” bots laser you down instantly with their lancers, gang up on you, roll all over the place, react to your actions evenbefore the animation to show your action starts, etc, etc… They are not beginner bots.

my wife showed an interest in trying gears - beginner bots would destroy her every time, instantly, how is that a “beginner” setting/game mode, TC? eh?

Never played G4. Only 1-3 and G5. Oh and Judgment.

Gears bots have always been lackluster and basic. Like most games they give bots insane accuracy and make them stupid.

Being easier on the system is probably why we’re allowed to join in progress as our characters, too. So I never really complain about bots being the same. Though I wish we can choose bot characters for private games.

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