Co-op hardcore ironman windflare

Hey, i tried to look for post about this one. How it goes with 1 getting killed in these, is it automatic restart? And these parts really is painful for me so is there some advice to these parts.

On Ironman there is a trick to manipulate the cloud save files to restart from your last checkpoint.

Make sure you’re connected to the internet and the cloud storage is functioning. When you die, pause the game, go to your console settings to the storage section. Find your Gears 4 files and delete them from the console (you have to do this twice). This will take you back to the title screen where your console will resync with the cloud memory. Because there’s a delay in the cloud storage updating it won’t have updated with the checkpoint where you died. Instead once resynced you will be at your last checkpoint (or sometimes another checkpoint a little further back).

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I should say thanks but… So this is how People get this… Maybe i just try without cheating, and try this after lost few controllers, xbox, tv and ruined my relationship…

Yes, you probably SHOULD say thanks because someone has given you some helpful information. Whether you use this information is up to you. If you think completing this legitimately is worth more rage that it costs you more in damaged property and relationships then feel free to go crazy because you probably already are. :wink:

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You might consider having you or your partner set their difficulty to casual. Whoever it is on Casual will take point while the person on Hardcore will hang back and provide cover fire.

In this case, both of you will need to be mindful of lancer wielding enemies, as they’ll likely use the chainsaw if you get too close.

The part that will likely give you the most trouble regardless of what path you take is the motorbike section at the end of Act 2. Avoiding obstacles can be tricky as they are one-hit, so you’ll need to be prepared for that.

Depending on how efficient you are, it may or may not take longer to roll through the campaign twice.


Can’t link right now…but I made a vid showing an easy way to do them for this challenge.
Look up GoW Tac Com windflare… It should show up (I hope)


Of course it was helpfull advice, thank you! But having a relationship on edge keeps life interesting and broken stuff gives motivation to go work.

@anon17697949 you have point in what you said. Im playing atm solo in insane but my friend has played Last gow3 so it might be a dead end for ironman now (hes good player tough) but maybe i just lock my Doors and give him opportunity to leave only after its done

@BChaps ill take a look. Thanks