Co-op campaign shared progress

Hello all,

I started playing the campaign in co-op with my friend.
He hosted the campaign.
If I try to host the campaign I have no “saved” progress. I can only start new campaign.
Is this normal? should not my campaign progress along with the co-op?

Any ideas are welcome, because I do not want to play the whole campaign and then have to it again solo.

Thank you

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This is normal because the save was only created for the host player and not yourself.

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Thanks for the reply
although that is not very promising,
since we have to play the campaign 2 times on order to have it also completed.
Any way that the progression can be “transferred” ?
Like copy pasting the saves or something?

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It does seem to unlock the Acts and Chapters you’ve played with the Host. While you can’t Host your own game at the exact checkpoint where you left off, you can create a Save or New Save at the beginning of any Chapter you’ve unlocked in a Coop game by selecting New or Load from the Campaign menu then selecting the specific Chapter you want to start at.