Co-op campaign is consistently crashing players to dashboard

Anyone having issues where you’re trying to load into the co-op campaign with all three players and as the load ends, some or all of the players crash completely out of the game and back to the dashboard? This is a consistent issue preventing us from playing the campaign at all.


I put in a support ticket and the reply I got back basically suggested they had no idea what I was talking about even though I replied back and said it was talked about during the livestream they still didn’t seem to know what I was talking about

Yep happens all the time.

Yeah co-op campaign doesn’t work anymore since the update. @TC_Sera I will submit a ticket for this, but it is heavily bugged.

Want to mention it briefly what’s going on:
If you try to continue the campaign in Co-op the game loads in and says blank has left the game" twice, No names are stated at this point. After a few minutes (for me during Act 3 when we try to pick up the Barrier upgrade for Jack, after JD is setting down the beacon it kicks the other two players out, and an ingame message says that the Co-Op Mode is not available anymore (also inviting people from the party or via their profile is greyed out and bugged after that. When you quit out to the Main menu and trying to load up the Campaign an error occurs 0x00000c01 (the same error apparently caused something like this in Gears 4 before in the campaign at least that’s the only related post I found. For now it’s impossible to play the campaign in Co-Op because everytime your teammates get kicked. You also have to restart the game to actually be able to invite people again.

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