Co-op Campaign glitch

Writing this cause I haven’t seen anyone mention it yet. I believe it’s in Act 2 when Jack get’s a new upgrade and you have to equip it. The party host and I both have to upgrade Jack. The game allows the party host to upgrade him but in order to continue the game I need to upgrade Jack as well, Problem is when I try to do that there is no upgrade and I can’t see any of the previous upgrades like the stun. I can’t back out of Jack’s screen cause the game prompts you to open it and won’t close until you attach the newest upgrade.

Anyone else face this issue?


I have the same issue, no idea how to fix it, I can’t carry on the campaign with them now :sob:

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Yea, mines doing the same. But I’m Jack 2nd player. Any suggestions?

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So, we tried one more thing… first player picks it up. Let 1st player trigger the trap and move on till check point. Then quit to lobby. Then continue to check point. Xbox one.

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We ran into this last night. Loading a checkpoint didn’t work nor did him closing out his game. We’re both on PC so we both closed the game and reset our PC and when we loaded back in it was fine.


This issue seems to be much more common after the latest patch.


I’m having the exact same problem with my brother, playing coop on PC.

If either of us pickup the upgrade in Act 2 then the second player is stuck on the jack upgrade screen, the escape button is greyed out.

Had the same issue. What we did was just let player 1 continue to the next checkpoint. Then left the game (back to the main menu) and reloaded the checkpoint.

Have the same issue here. As co-op player, the Jack menu can’t be backed out of, and the upgrades/abilities don’t show in the hexagons. Have made a bug report, just in case.

Me and two other i’m playing just got this issue. me as the bot(pc player) then one on the xbox and one other on pc .

Man this game feel’s like it was rush to make a dead line no other gears was this bad in its campaign this is geting stupid we had one other glitch where one of the AI’s falling through the floor

Yes had the same issue. My buddy played until the next checkpoint while I watched Jack’s upgrade screen, the se reloaded the checkpoint and it worked. Still sucks…and it’s not the only glitch we’ve encountered. My relic weapon achievements aren’t tracking or unlocking.

Different issue, but me and the wife finished co op campaign today and neither of us got the achievement

We had the same issue with P2 stuck on Jack’s upgrade screen. We backed out of the game and reloaded with the host playing as Jack. Everything worked fine, and we played to the next checkpoint before reloading with the regular characters.

I have also experienced this, although I am the session host and P1. Whilst I don’t get stuck in the Jack Screen we did try Checkpoint and Previous Checkpoint reloads which did not solve the issue. We found that by reloading the Chapter the issue was temporarily resolved and we were able to continue, until the start of the next chapter where P2 found that he was no longer able to use the Jack Screen and that the installed and applied updates were missing.

Restarting each chapter when the glitch occurs also means that any collected Relic weapons are lost and each player begins with a standard loadout. This also removes all previously installed Jack upgrades with all collected components available for reapplying upgrades.

We have also tried deleting local copies of saved games and restarting the campaign from the beginning none of which resolved the issue.

Both players on consoles.

Same issue on coop campaign. Act 1 chapters 2 and 3.

This is Horrible. Again in Chapter 2 Recruitment Drive.
Another moment forces both players to upgrade Jack when it’s only possible for one to do it. Game stuck on upgrade screen. You would think charging someone $60 for a game you spent a few million to make, you would have some one try a playthrough just once. Cause it’s all it would have taken is one test run and you would know “Hey the game is impossible to complete on co-op when using jack” or maybe they just don’t care . " We got your money, go F yourself loosers" cause there should have been an update for it by now.

So… it’s still happening seven months on?