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Co-op campaign connection timed out

Anyone have any problems with connecting in co-op campiagn? Buddy and I are trying to play co-op campaign together but we haven’t been able to outside of launch day, since then anytime when one of us connects to the other, the joiner gets timed out in the loading screen.

I can join random co-op games, he can’t. We can play horde, escape, and multi together, just not campaign co-op outside of that one day again.

All his ports are open, NAT type is moderate to open, drivers are updated.

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i have the same problem,my friend plays on xbox,i play on steam,we can play horde,escape,versus but we can’t play co op campaign due to time out in loading screen,

My NAT is open and i have the same issue.

I’m still having the same problems timing out every time . Even after they said the connection problem was fixed. I’m on pc can anyway hmu with some Answers ?

Has anybody found a solution to this??

same here, just try to use another computer on the same network and it works,
can anyone explain how to fix it?

I’m having this issue as well. All the modes except coop campaign work fine.

Change your time zone or your friend time zone to
UTC+8:00 beijing, chongquing, hong kong, urumqi
It work for me

It didn’t worked with me. I just find it very annoying that no one cares about this situation as so many people have such a problem. I can join anything about multiplayer but I can’t play coop. Someone just help us, come on!

That time zone trick did not work for me either

Has anyone tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game already? This game was working fine for me during the first few weeks and now I can’t play multiplayer, horde, or escape because of this stupid error. I already sent a request to support and the estimated response time was greater than 20 days, which is awesome.