Cmon TC. Stop slapping a logo on every weapon skin

We know what game we’re playing, no need to show us the logo in order to remind that. Neon skins would be better without it


Hey I want my logos back. These loudmouth complainers got them taken off our team rock skins which now look naked. Check 'em out. Skins looked sweet before.

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The may look cool for someone, but it doesn’t make any sense
Why? What’s the purpose?

it’s the esports mentality seeping into how this studio makes content

look at the latest map they made. it’s an arena with cameras ffs.

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I like my team rock naked, no logos!!! :slight_smile:

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Wait what?! I thought I was playing Forza this whole time… Because that’s all I seem when someone kills me :open_mouth:


I LOVED how the team rock looked before they took the logo off. imo the small gears badge made the skin look cool. Now it just looks static and worse than the team metal. Not even interested in the ice or rock skins anymore. They’re just regular skins we all have that look meh to me.

I bought the glitched skins set for the weapons, even though they showed the gears logo they still seems very nice.

The gilded set wasn’t available for purchase. It could be earned for a limited time by completing the road to gears 5 challenge, getting an achievement in every gears game. There are no logos on the skins.


I’m sorry man … I meant THE GLITCHED hahahhaha :smile: not the gilded, my mistake man .

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I just want the lambent skin set…

Don’t bother me about anything else, TC…

Unless the logo is engraved in the same design as the skin, take it out.

Team Rock already has an omen. It actually looks ridiculous to slap an extra omen or the title of the game on top of it.

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Agreed very tacky

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That’s because TC is trying to get paid.

Plus the gears 5 isn’t even inkeeping with the color scheme or theme of the gun, literally a logo placed on

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I would prefer if there were two designs for any designs which include the logo or the “Gears 5” emblem.

A toggle to switch between logo/emblem off, and on.

Satisfy everyone.

Issue resolved.

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I would use the old version. I prefer it over the skin without the gears badge.

No logos!

What I would want is for them to stop throwing random omens on the skins. I swear that almost half of all the existing weapon skin sets have one on them. And yes, I think it just looks bad on weapons(it’s one of the reasons why I disliked/haven’t gotten any of the weapon skins that were so far in the Store, and why I didn’t really get behind the Midnight Omen skins in Gears 4 which otherwise looked pretty good). Does it really have to be on so many skins?

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There are times when the Omen is fine on a skin. What I personally object to, is them plastering it on everything. The Gears universe has other icons that can be used, and HAVE been used, such as the Phoenix cog on those cool skins that came as part of the $20 package.

However, there’s almost no scenario where I want “Gears 5” put on a skin.