Clunky movement

Is it me or does gears 5 seem little clunky when u move on walls and stuff might just be me lol


Not just you. Its the game right now. Hopefully they will fix it soon


Totally agree with both above,Escape is getting like this now,Sadly


Every cover feels like superglue and I can’t get out of it in certain angles anymore, even when a directional A prompt appears on screen.


Dude that’s how I feel I get stuck all the time


I still get stuck a lot.

This wall actually done by TC to make you be able to run along cover and I guess not to roll when you reach the edge of cover. I don’t know how this was a priority fix since I really never seen complaints about it and honestly never experienced this issue. TC needs to remove this patch it’s horrible. Sometimes I’m stuck there for 2 to 3 seconds at a time. Once in awhile even longer. It’s just terrible and a mood killer. Out of all the issues that this game suffers from this one actually makes me turn off my dam x box.


Yeah, superglue walls are annoying, all the times i have been killed because the character refuses to move when the camera is at certain angle


Think the game is to free moving compared to previous gows.
Prefer the stuck in the mud feeling.

TC added a feature that makes it easy to roadie run along cover.

The issue is that the game now prioritises movement thinknig players want to keep doing this, rather than rolling off cover. The side effect is these superglue magneto walls.


Exactly. Which is totally bogus.

It’s made the game play terrible and i lose interest within the first round. I want to prioritize getting off of the wall but instead my guys making love to the wall and hasn’t finished yet so he won’t let go.



I’m getting killed due to this unnecessary and unasked for change.




Oh thank ■■■■■■■ god!

I can’t even play this game in its current state. Never in my Gears loving life have I ever felt movement was so bad i just give up. Until this…

Bring on the change.



Well I see your terrible looking game is getting a make over. NO HALO FOR YOU.

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It needed it… did you see how badly that reveal got ripped apart?

Yeah what were they thinking? Why even make a game with classic art when there is so much potential with this series x. I’m shocked they stuck to there guns and stuck with that reveal.

The issue wasn’t the classic art direction. You can stick to classic and still make it look pretty damn good.

The gun models looked bad
The textures looked bad as did faces. The Last of Us 2 has far better graphics and that’s a PS4 game. The grass, for example, looked very lifeless in Halo Infinite but very full of life, both color/environmental in LoU2. You can’t let Halo, your flagship title, look like a launch Xbox One game.

I’m disappointed I have to wait. But it’ll be worth it and was the right thing to do. If only Gears had thought doing the same thing was a better idea…


That’s gonna be a long wait.

Could end up like another Crackdown 3.

That’s impossible, lol. A lot would have to go wrong to be a Crackdown 3. Halo Infinite already looked more enjoyable than than trash heap. :sweat_smile: