Cluck shot boomskin

Did anyone even get this skin? I’ve never seen it anywhere since the thanksgiving event and I know for a fact it was a reward skin too.

Did the rollout crash or is the skin just trash?

I completed the challenge to get it, but I don’t have it now, maybe I scrapped it, but I barely remember.

I got it, but to get it, I had to post on the legacy forums on the missing skin thread. That skin wasn’t awarded to anyone I knew unless the specifically told TC that it was missing.

Such a big deal for a skin that no one even uses…in fact I don’t remember ever seeing anyone use it period

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I’ve never seen it used. Not once.

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I’m pretty sure I did all the requirements to get it but never received it

I use it and its pretty cool it blinks too

I’m using it as well. Would rock the entire skin set if it where available… ;p

I posted on that but didn’t receive it. Cluckshot challenges were easy to achieve because they put it on koth. After 5 wins, the kills were probably more than 5x what was required.

yehh im missing it aswell with numerous other skin from challanges and watching esports and those other 2 streams they got every week.
hmm dont care anymore anyways.
i still do challanges but whatever is what i think of it these days.

I’ve got it but my wife got robbed of it. We both did the challenges together and I know she should have received it.

I love it. Use it all the time. Hilarious looking weapon.