Clown's (maybe weekly if I feel like it) What's Down

So there are a couple of important things that I think need to be addressed:

  1. TC, hiding ranks doesn’t disillusion us to the fact that you have a effed up match making system. Please show ranks again. If I get stomped on by a squad of Master players, I’d like to know it. Or, alternatively, if I get stomped by a squad of bronze bots (happens more times than I’d like to admit) I’d also like to know that.
    Also, what is the point of grinding for rank if you can’t show it off.

  2. If the above request is granted, please change the silver and onyx tiers. They look too similar.

  3. Bring back global chat. We can’t seem to get a straight answer on why it was removed in the first place. Node originally said it was to prevent cheating (which didn’t make much sense to start with) but then later it was said that it was merely a bug.

  4. Back to the ranking system…
    Fix it ffs. Silver STILL takes up way too much of the playerbase.

  5. Delivery Driver Mac went from an obscurity, to a meme, and then into an annoyance. Please dispose of him as quickly as possible.

@T0NY_HAYABUSA @III_Essence @D_A_N_III_3_L @o_GH0UL_o @ll_R_E_D_l @GB6_Kazuya Your inputs are needed.



I 100% endorse number 5. He is such a bad character skin and the joke has gone way too far.


Agreed. He’s like that one guy in your family that tells the exact same joke every time you see him. After like the 4th-5th time, it gets annoying






Hi @TC_Clown

So let’s break it down the information

on 1 ) yes we really need to have the information on the ranks, I don’t see why TC think it hurts the game to show ranks again, I’ts very important this.

on 2 ) yes they look to similar , I wonder if they could change it back as it was 4 … I really like that model of showing the tiers and ranks.

on 3) Yes man … the globat chat has to be implemented across the board, TC only told us that wasn’t good … however they really didn’t give us a logical explanation on this @N0DEZER0 just went off the grid on solving this kind of things man .

on 4) that works man and its correct and on point :slight_smile:

on 5) @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o it’s going to be angry man when he sees this… I mean common Dave, Delivery Driver Mac it’s funny and giving us happy times on the forum you know that :slight_smile:


I sense a lot of built up emotion in you Clown, I understand though, Delivery Driver Mac makes me emotional too.

However, I’m containing my anger right now as Delivery Driver Mac’s existence is surely a blessing , people just don’t realise it yet. He has been released three times now in the store which is more than any other character due to such high demand and this time for a bargain price of 750 iron, which in my opinion is too cheap for such an icon.

I had all but given up hope for Gears 5 until i saw his first release in the store, it was a dark time but i saw the light upon my exposure to Delivery Driver Mac. I truly believe TC are releasing him at strategic intervals to boost the player base when it drops and fully expect him to be put in the store at least another six times this year, by demand of course.

I’m going to leave this here just to remind you of how glorious he truly is, i hope you see the error in your judgement soon. I forgive you, this time…

Even Ryan knows Delivery Driver Mac is No. 1 in priorities.


Yes man @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o It happened to me as well, I wanted to uninstall Gears 5 , however when you showed me man the importance of Delivery Driver Mac without I doubt I knew I should keep Gears 5 and stayed on my xbox on permanent basis due of BIG MAC .

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  1. The ranking system is a disgrace, they should just remove it altogether. No issues, nada, and place those near-hopeless resources on more pressing matters.

  2. ^^^^

  3. Agreed, he pretty much completely ignored me when I mentioned there is no decent reason being removing it. Toxicity? They added a middle finger blood spray. Ironic.

  4. Death. Deeeaaatthh to the ranking system.

  5. Speaking of death, who’s idea was it for Delivery Driver Mac? Just plain curiously.

…He’s a disgrace to my country.





Delivery Driver Mac is my character of choice when I’m cog :cry:

(removes both of your accounts from friends list)


retires Delivery Driver Mac skin

Guess I can always play as Keegan…

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Delivery Driver Keegan incoming.

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If you can make it out of Silver you should get a whole Delivery Driver set of skins.


I mean as much as we all love Delivery Driver Mac, we should all be waiting for our lord and Savior…

Always Sunny Mac


Agree with all!! Especially 5. What a terrible skin haha

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Well if those aren’t fighting words I dont know what is. How dare you!

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Shunned by the forum. Made into a pariah. Yet, they still repost my memes.


I have no idea how we’ve fallen this far in terms of functioning matchmaking. Honestly, when there were no associated ranks it did better (Here’s looking to you Gears of War 3). Regardless, I don’t understand why we removed the ability to see what players on a team were partied-up or their associated rankings. At least when you get steam-rolled by a 4-5 stack of Diamond players with your one lone buddy in silver you wouldn’t feel so shafted by it all.

I want to know what to expect when getting into these ranked matches. The only indication we have are general levels which are slightly hidden as well. The lack of transparency is abhorrent and only highlights what lengths The Coalition will go to cover up their abysmal matchmaking and ranking systems. All of the aforementioned factors in addition to the change to eliminations and the absence of the war journal speaks volumes.

Not to worry though… You’ll have the hot commodity that is Delivery Driver Mac, I hear he’s back by “popular” demand. (Must be the same twisted definition of popular that was used to describe the Omen).