Closet cheater?

Pretty sure everyone in the gears community has heard of Shana (aka AnimeConventions) Best wallbouncer in Gears 5 and if you think that you’re wrong. Shana is a script and macro user, the script he uses is damage reduction and input, output delay. He changes the input and output delay to 0 and uses macro to (wallbounce) here is a clip of the macro and script getting used
(the clip was created by Nvr arlo) as you can see he is pulling back in a unrealistic and very suspicious way. Another clip where he turns and bounces on the same exact frame
(video was by shana himself) Not to mention he has been doing this since GoW3, GoW4 through 5 and no action has been taken yet,
I also heard froma certain source that shana plays with a friend on his main and also cheats and scripts on other games besides GoW, aside from that someone told me that he was banned on his main on GoW4 and thats when he uses his alt account “Shana” to play. Guessing the Anti-cheating software on GoW 4 was much better than then GoW 5.anyways hope this gets figured out and get attention by devs so they can look into it and hope you enjoy :v:

Saying the name of the bad guys is not allowed in this forum!

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If you have evidence of such behavior, you should contact TC directly.

Please file any cheater reports to TC directly at

Thank you :slight_smile: