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CLICK ME - Fan Synopsis [DAY 1 UPDATE]

Hello There!

It’s me again. And I was suddenly interested in the playerbase’s true opinion of Gears 5. Because we see a lot of “Best Gears ever,” and “Worst Gears ever,” comments, but a tried and true form makes it easier to get an estimated synopsis on a subset of the community.

The more the better, so please I’m kinda begging for everyone to take this small survey–it’s nothing personal, just simple questions like “Do you like Gears 5?” Some objective questions.

Here’s the Form:

Please encourage people to see this. Whereas it’ll be impossible to collect info on EVERY Gears player, But the more people who answer gives a more accurate view of the Gears population.

Thank You and Goodbye!
(Responses can be seen when the Form is over)

WEEK 01 - 1/16/20 - 34 Responses

Title of Question
Option - Percentage Chosen (Number of People Chosen)
[This is a legend for the data below, just for clarification’s sake]

"How Many Gears of War games have you played?"
Gears of War (2006), Gears of War 4, Gears 5 - 100% (34)
Gears of War 2 - 97.1 % (33)
Gears of War 3, Gears of War: UE - 94.1% (32)
Gears of War: Judgement - 82.4% (28)
Gears POP! - 47.1% (16)

"Which is your favorite of the EPIC Gears titles?"
Gears of War 3 - 70.6% (24)
Gears of War 2 - 20.6% (7)
Gears of War - 8.8% (3)
Gears of War Judgement - 0% (0)

"Favorite of the COALITION TITLES?"
Gears of War 4, Gears of War UE - 35.3% (12)
Gears 5 - 29.4% (10)
Gears POP - 0% (0)

"Did you purchase Gears 5, or did you get it through Gamepass?"
Played on Gamepass - 52.9% (19)
Purchased Ultimate Edition - 41.2% (14)
Purchased - 5.9% (2)

"Do you think Gears 5 is good?"
No - 41.2% (14)
Maybe - 32.4% (11)
Yes - 26.5% (9)

"What is your least favorite Gears 5 mode?"
Versus-Ranked - 53.3% (12)
Escape - 20.6% (7)
Store - 14.7% (5)
Horde - 11.8% (4)
Campaign, Map Editor - 8.8% (3)
Versus-Quickplay - 0% (0)

"Your favorite mode?"
Versus-Ranked - 32.4% (11)
Campaign, Horde - 20.6% (7)
Escape - 17.6% (6)
Versus-Quickplay - 8.8% (3)
Map Editor, Store - 0% (0)

"How often do you play Gears 5?"
Everyday, Once or twice a week - 35.3% (12)
When new stuff gets added - 17.6% (6)
A couple of times a month - 8.8% (3)
Don’t Play - 2.9% (1)

"Do you think Gears 5 can get better?"
Yes, Maybe - 44.1% (15)
No - 11.8% (4)

"Are you looking forward to Gears 6?"
Yes - 47.1% (16)
Maybe - 44.1% (15)
No - 8.8% (3)

"Best thing to come out of Gears 5?"
(Only adding my favorites and top 2 picks since there were so many write-ins).
Delivery Driver Mac - 23.5% (8)
More Myrrah - 17.6% (6)
“The return of Paduk and his accent which is sweet, soothing, and kinda turns m- Oh my bad.”
“Ally System”

"Does TC care about the Gears Fanbase? (Obviously not factual, but I want to know what you think as to TC’s cares)"
Maybe - 41.2% (14)
Of course - 23.5% (8)
No - 17.6% (6)

This is the end results after just a day. I will come back and repost any changes a week from now. But even with these small numbers, it’s come out much differently than I originally envisioned.


When do I get my prize?

Technically I never played “Gears of War: Judgement” as it was titled Judgment :wink:


Good questions, I have to comment on a couple of things though.

Firstly, this:

The only question I had an issue with, as I don’t play it at all. I selected the 4th option in the hope that “New stuff” covers a complete overhaul of the whole game. :joy:

Anyway, you could probably guess my answers to most of them but this was too easily (if I didn’t inspire it!):

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Oh true I can add another question for not at all, and yes, the Myrrah option was specifically for you.

@GhostofDelta2 you can forever call me Busty McTundra :wink:


Completed it. Thanks for the laughs, but for those wondering, not a serious survey.

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Oh yeah, of course not. Just interested in how it comes out. For example, one of the 19 responses said they’ve never played Gears 3.


I’ll pray for his soul before I go to bed tonight.


I never played gears 3, well 10min, but I was rubberbanding everywhere which made me laugh at these new servers that would make gears great again.

So off it went and I’ve never touched it again to this day

Funny thing, the servers weren’t actually online yet as it was day 1 but I didn’t find this out till years later

Funny really :grin:

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Should give it another go.

hi man @Buster_McTunder

of course man Ill help , ill fill the survey for you :slight_smile:


that’s a obvious question hahaha a

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Favourite The Coalition title for me was Ultimate Edition. Reason. Simply put, all they had to do was Remaster it, it was not their own title. You can not get it wrong, it is was never yours.
It is a pity The Coalition did not gives us a Stellar game, lol, Gears 5 worse or on par than Gears of War Judgement was a tough one. I actually liked Judgement, the Stim was awesome in Horde, but terribly unbalancing in PvP. Also, Judgement was the only PvP i liked in Gears.
I miss Sophia :frowning:

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In all these years that is the first time I have ever noticed that lmao.

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Yes that is the American spelling.

English spelling is “Judgement”, so I get why people are confused. Interesting that most people on this forum write it as the non American version,

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Yeah I actually looked it up lol. It’s not actually American spelling. Apparently it was used initially by both as judgment so it’s not actually an Americanism in the typical sense.

Over time I think the English used judgement and it became more popular outside of the US but as far as I know judgment is also an English word/spelling but it’s rarely used nowadays.

judgment is actually the preferred spelling of the word in British legal papers/documents so if it was an actual Americanism it would definitely not be used in official British documentation…

There is a few sources that state it an American spelling but from what I see originally it wasn’t like that. I’m sure nobodies that interested though lol but I just wanted to see.

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This is why English is terrible.

I never even realized that it dropped the E, always plugged it in with my brain.


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Nice survey, I am genuinely surprised at the maturity of some of the responses. All you see here or on Reddit is hate for TC and Gear 5, but there are a lot of people who are still waiting patiently for TC to fix the game.