Cleaning Up The Menu

Dear Coalition,

I have a suggestion for Gears 4.
Why is it not possible at the characters-, weaponskins- and emblem menue to destroy everything i want? It would be so great if this would be possible because of all this duplicates that cant be destroyed for example the season reward skins which most players have two to three times…

I know that there must be at every category at least one card. This could be realized if at the character menue only “Armored JD” and “Swarm Drone” are locked out. At emblems it should only be the emblem with the “big 4” and at the weaponskins just for every weapon the classic ones without any skin…

This would clean up the menue masiv.
What are you thinking about this?

Best regards


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Maybe a “duplicates” or “new items” search category should be added so we can delete duplicates and find our new cards. We still cant delete some items

You can do some of this via the website, but I agree, the functionality should be added in game also.

We agree but it’s low on the priority order vs other things the Live Team want to implement. It’s a fair bit of work.

As mentioned, we recommend you do this via the Card Companion on the web which supports mass scrapping of duplicates.

I just wish I can scrap the extra ranked weapon skins that I have…

Out of curiosity, did you hear that it’s a fair bit of work from the UI team, or is that your personal opinion?

As a programmer myself (Jack of all trades) I really don’t see that adding the new features in the website to the game is really that much work.

I’m really not trying to be annoying or arrogant, it’s a genuine question, so please take it as such :slight_smile:


EDIT: or make a mobile app that can make use of the web features (I figure you have an API)? That would be awesome.

Heck, if you expose the API… I’d happily make the app for you.

Bummer. It’s not difficult to use the portal but it’s kind of mind boggling how this was an oversight before the game even came out. Not a huge deal but slightly inconvienent.

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Guys, the website and the option there to destroy duplicates does not clarify the problem! I am talking about cards which cant be destroyed anyway…

For example “onyx boltok” and others… I just think these items should have the option to destroy them!

Every player should decide which items he wants to collect and what he wants to destroy to get scrap… (exceptions excluded from my top post)…