Claytons nerf not so bad

Ok i loaded the game and looks like they went the opposite way from what i initially though when i read about the 15m stun limit. It works WITHIN 15m, not OUTSIDE of 15m…

Ok, thats not awesome but it doesnt kill it…

I’m not sure if I like the changes to taunt. Before I wasnt sure how it worked but it required me to do nothing. Now I need to hit them in the head to grab their attention. Might be better or worse. I’ll need more time to see. I do love how they removed ammo capacity and replaced it when ult duration. The raw dmg buff is also appreciated.

Not a fan of the change. Sure still work with 15m bit I much prefered as it was.

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I really don’t like the 15m limitation, mainly because I can’t judge whether my enemy is within that range or not. Maybe I’ll get the hang of it eventually. But for the time being, I cannot employ my stun power as strategically as I would like: I can’t hit something and assume it’s been stunned so that maybe I can focus on another enemy or revive a teammate or rush in for an execution .

The 15m change sucks, for sure, but I can probably make do with it. The extra ammo capacity on the salvo will really help, and I feel like the ultra fast freeze would be good too… So for NOW I think I’ll run with salvo and cryo card… With the damage perk maxed, and the new passive, I think he’ll be pretty good/awesome… I won’t bother with the mulcher at all, OR the torque bleed… Torque just isn’t powerful enough to be a main damage dealer, it’s mostly used for stun…

We’ll see… extra ammo salvo and cryo, and extra damage on those, yeah, will be fun to try.

Where is the extra ammo on the salvo? is it a card?

I just finished playing Clayton on a masters game. Perks have been replaced. Health regen is gone, speed boost is gone, ammo capacity is gone. His perks now are Health, increase duration of ultimate, chaingun and ammo regen and assault rifles damage. The ultimate duration is a must and he still viable for horde. only downside is the stun distance but other than that good uses.

there is a card for extra heavy weapon ammo

Added card “Heavy Capacity” which increases Clayton’s heavy ammo capacity by 125% (Level 5)

well, ammo capacity now applies to ALL weapons (including explosives and heavy), they didn’t want to give it to him as a perk, so they added the above card.

So at level 5 card, you get 45 rockets in a salvo…

Donno about level 6.

Ahh, that’s what it was!? I was wondering why enemies wouldnt stun like before

yeah, have to be within 15m now.

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Kind of boring, but also kind of good. I’ve played him a lot lately but he was actually to OP before. Might make a master Kestrel or guardian more of a match now.

I don’t think that the flyers would be too much of a change, I find those tend to rush in, within 15m, if anything it might be an issue for a swarmak which stays back and keeps blowing up the base…

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speaking of damage dealt by Torque Bow, am I imagining things or is there no bleed damage on torque bow headshots? This question applies to Keegan who normally causes bleed damage with explosives including torque and to Clayton assuming he has the Serrated Edges skill card equipped

haha, that would suck… good news, IF this is the case, it’s almost certainly an error, and will be fixed “real soon now”.

When Baird came out I tried making use of his bleed on a torque bow because its considered a precision weapon. The dmg was laughable at best. Only good for slowing down regen. I guess after JDs nerf they are afraid to give more bleed. I hope they don’t touch Kait’s considering she has to get up close for it to work.

This (torque bow headshots not causing bleed damage) is something I noticed since OP3.

Did anyone of you play the same Clayton as I did? Im Topdmg in almost every Horde now.
Step 1: Get Ammo Regen
Step 2: Get Dmg
Step 3: Buy Mulcher
Step 4: ???

on what difficulty level?

I think it’s awful with the 15m limit. Not the worst change this patch but close.

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Being able to buy any grenade finally I was looking forward to stunning with planted frag grenade traps…now not so much.

As far as I can tell Torque Bow headshots don’t cause bleed ever since launch, as it seems to count as ballistic rather than explosive damage. Baird may be capable of causing bleed with Torque Bow headshots now though, since some of his skills now count for it as well.