Clayton-ReGeared OP4 (Adv. Horde Tips/Guide) by Hu1k Daddy

Hello Gears!

As requested, I am redoing my old Horde guides to match the current game. Since Clayton is my dude, only makes since to start with him. As with all my guides, just type in Hu1k Daddy in the search and they should pop up.

So without further delay, lets get started.

Clayton is a much improved character in OP4 with an all new passive, better working skill cards, and much improved personal perks while in game. There are Ultimately two separate builds that you can build Clayton with that I believe match his new style. Lets break it down.

Personal Perks in Horde

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  • Up- Health, Increases your overall Max Health.

  • Down- Damage (This Perk increases Damage for all Weapons, and Mele)

  • Left- This increases the length of your Ultimate duration

  • Right- This will replenish Ammo for either a Trishot or a Mulcher only.

Early Build -When you first start leveling Clayton, as with most Hero’s, you will need to have patience. Most of his early cards are not very good and make him more of a pure Tank type character, which can help you in some Escape runs. So it may be a good idea to try and level him this way especially early on.

So, if we are looking at level 1-5, here is what I would go with.

Flash Freeze, Heavy Capacity, Bait Armor

Flash Freeze can be helpful early on as it will help you Freeze enemies quicker and can allow you to pin bosses down for your team. Heavy Capacity is the first early mainstay card you will want to keep on for every build and just allows you to have more ammo for any Heavy Weapon. (Note this does not include the Boomshot) Bait Armor is a good main for Escape runs as since it only allows 5 seconds per hit, it can help in those tight areas where enemies are everywhere.

Mid Range Build- Ok, so you have a good feeling about how Clayton works. Right on! He just gets better as he levels up and just keep grinding those levels as it is completely worth it.

Looking at level 1-10, here is what I would go with.

*Heavy Shell, Heavy Capacity, Phoenix Armor, Bait Armor, Team Resist *

Heavy Shell will be your next mainstay for any Clayton build. The reason being is that his Ultimate without this card will only reflect Bullets. However with this Card, it will reflect anything. Be careful however as Sires can still grab you with your Ult on and this card equipped. Phoenix Armor is a pretty good card for Horde or Escape as when you are revived from DBNO you will get back on your feet with some stim. I prefer this card on escape runs as you level up further as it seems to be better suited for this game mode. Team Resist is a helpful support card as it makes your allies take less damage and it has no range to it. Meaning that they can be anywhere on the map to receive this benefit. It also helps on Escape runs as it will reduce the Venom damage to your team if you are stuck and need to move.

Late Build-Final Build- Alright you grub killing awesome guy. You did it! You got Clayton to where he can be the most fun to play with and get the most out of him.

Now there is an important thing to note with Clayton at this point. This is where the Builds for the final can be different. He has the option to go with whats called the “Stun Build” or the “Mulcher Build”. There are pluses and minuses for each so lets break them down.

Stun Build - Heavy Shell, Heavy Charger, Serrated Edge, Concussive Explosives, Reflect Shredder

The stun build is a good all around build for Clayton and can basically stop bosses in there tracks to allow your teammates time to react to the boss and act accordingly. Heavy Charger will allow you to get your Ult back very quickly while using the Salvo’s and mix this with Concussive Explosives then you can stun bosses or Scions in there tracks to keep peppering them with bullets. Serrated Edge will give some extra bang for your Torque bow and can really help against a Matriarch or a Swarmack. Reflect Shredder is another mainstay for any build as it just gives your Ult even more damage and allows bleeding.

Now the downside to this build is that its expensive and you will be doing a lot of running around to either lockers or to grabbing more Salvos. This build is best suited for a 1-50 run where you can expect a base to be built and allow lockers to be made. Also this build is still the more supportive build and doesn’t allow Clayton to be the powerhouse that he can be.

Mulcher Build- Heavy Shell, Heavy Charger. Heavy Capacity, Mulcher Mastery, Reflect Shredder

The Mulcher build is my go to for Clayton. I absolutely love this build and how you can truly feel like the Grub Killer that you are. There are some that say the Trishot is better for this build but I disagree for two reasons. 1) With the mulcher you can shoot faster and longer than a Trishot, this works well with Clayton’s passive as you will constantly be healed while shooting and with Heavy Charger as your Ult will be available extremely quickly on a constant basis. 2) When you have Mulcher Mastery to level 5 you will already be doing more damage per shot than that of a Trishot. I believe a Trishot does 430 damage per shot while at this level the mulcher will do 450 per shot. This is with the Damage Personal Perk not even being used at this point.

Now the downside to this build. While it may make you feel like a god on the battlefield, there are some drawbacks. Your team will get overrun much easier since nothing will be stunned like in the previous build. If you get your Mulcher knocked from your hands your pretty much useless instantly and will need to find a way to get it back in your hands or find another one. And the biggest drawback, is that against a Matriach or a Warden you will have an extremely hard time taking them down. While you can solo against a Brumack with this build, these two present a tough situation for you due to the small hit boxes on them. Would recommend taking out other enemies and allow your team to focus on the these particular bosses.

Alright , that about sums it up. I hope this can help you, and maybe shed some light on how Clayton can be run.

As always if you find a better build let it be known below, and I hope you appreciate the effort and time put into these as they take quite a long time to do.

Good luck Gears!




Thank you sir.

I hope you find it helpful. :slight_smile:



Just to add a broader note, that Clayton has skill cards which buff three kinds of weapons - (1) Torque Bow; (2) Mulcher; and (3) explosives (which cause stun within 15 metres range).

Torque and explosives obviously overlap, but I would advise that there’s no need to run all of these cards at the same time because you dilute Clayton’s strength overall. It’s better to focus on 1 or 2 of these offensive areas and throw in some defensive buffs too. Otherwise you’d be juggling too many weapons.


Well said my friend,

Good insight as always. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

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Fantastic work as always :slight_smile:

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Thank you sir,

Means a lot coming from you :slight_smile:


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Also, Clayton’s ultimate ability is SO GOOD! It lasts longer now (6 seconds compared to 5 seconds before Op 4) and he can upgrade this via his perks to up to 12 seconds! If Execution Rules is on, I like to run out into the open with a Boom or Dropshot, activate the reflective shield to down enemies and then finish the downed enemies with the Boom/Drop.

I’ve shredded Kestrels using it, and also two Stumps at the same time (all on Master). I find it really fun to use! The increase in length is such a big buff.


Yea man,

It sure is. I actually really like using the boom as well when using the Stun build. It gets your Ult back mad quick and its just fun.

Always appreciate you adding in additional input. It helps to know that whatever I may miss, you got it :slight_smile:


I’ve almost levelled Clayton up to level 18 so thanks for the tips. Just wondering though, do the 2 score boost cards stack as i’m more interested in improving my personal best times/scores in Escape and Horde.

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They do. :+1:


Yes. A few things to bear in mind about Score Boost cards:

(1) The collective score boost percentage of all players is applied to the team’s overall score at the end of a game. So if multiple players have a card on then the overall score is multiplied based on all players.

(2) COG tag scores are applied individually based on the player. So for example if a player is using a level 6 Score Boost card and picks up COG tags then they will receive more points than someone using the same Score Boost but at level 5.

Also remember that headshot kills and executions score more points. There’s lots of little tricks as well to boost score. Some are a bit more obvious and some are invisible ones. For example meatshielding an enemy and snapping their neck counts as two executions, but say, a curbstomp only counts once. And I heard that Retro Charges and Chainsaw executions don’t count at all for some strange reason.

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Thanks. I’m still trying to understand all the finer details of the score mechanics. It’s a headache with all the various options available

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Check this thread. @CommanderCH2863 is something of a guru when it comes to Escape and he put together a very detailed document in this thread. Worth looking at!


I haven’t used his heavy shell card much. Mainly because he has so many good perks it’s hard to decide.

I probably don’t need it anymore but I love flash freeze. Explosive stun is probably better but I love freezing a matriarch super fast.

How good or bad is his perk “Hits taken recharge team ult”? I’ve used it but I’m never in a team so I don’t get feedback if it’s making a noticeable difference. Does it register if your hit with your shield up?

I used to like running the Serrated Edge card but now I don’t even use it anymore. The bleed is nice but it’s not necessary. I’d rather run a build that decreases my ult charge time while providing support for my teammates. My current build is:

Reflective Shredder
Concussive Explosives
Ultimate Battery
Heavy Charger
Heavy Capacity

Heavy Charger is absolutely a game changer. Once I get a Tri, Salvo, or Mulcher, I can get my ult off twice a round since I have so much ammo to spare thanks to Capacity. And of course being able to stunlock a boss like a Swarmak or Matriarch if they get too close for comfort is a godsend.

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Thanks for the guide. Since op 4 I find that Clayton, more than any other character, is someone I would wish had one or two extra cardslots. I’m still only at level 15, but I look forward to getting serrated edge and reflect shredder soon. Only problem is which cards do I remove. You don’t like flash freeze at higher levels? I had a few matches where I thought it was usable to stop the bosses before they overran the base without having to stand with a cryo forever before they froze, but it maybe is a card of too limited usability. The one thing I know is that I won’t be using concussive explosives anymore, I don’t care too much for cards that get too situational when there are alternatives that aren’t.

You’d be doing your team a disservice by taking Concussive Explosives out. Clayton can completely stop bosses, Sentinels, and Guardians in their tracks with a Salvo, firing one rocket every few seconds.

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Flash Freeze is nice but concussion explosives is quicker, easier and has more range. I still run flash freeze with concussion and keep a cryo close by for when a matriarch gets in our base. I also like it when we have a flyer but freezing doesn’t insta kill them anymore. Concussion actually stops them from shooting back. However I’m missing out on 1 perk because they both kinda overlap. Not much sense running both and as mentioned, Clayton has quite a few good perks to choose from.

Heavy Capacity is nice on a salvo but for tri shots or mulcher, I find it’s not that big a deal once you max amo regen. I don’t even put the mulcher back on the locker once that perk is lvl 10.


Speaking of stun locking a boss with explosives. I’m surprised TC hasn’t caught up with this and did something about it. I know various games that had this issue and their dev teams solved it.

A slightly current example is Vermintide 2. There were some bosses you could stun lock to death. If each of the 4 players had a bomb and they were each using a perk that gave a 30% chance of not consuming a bomb when used. One person tossed a bomb, the boss was staggered and party member 2 tossed their bomb, boss was staggered ect. Eventually the devs realized this was super easy so they fixed it by giving the boss building resistance. After the first stun he builds resistance to stun. Making the next stun last even shorter. Eventually the boss wouldn’t be stunned at all. This forced us to save our bombs for when we needed to interrupt the boss from doing some big attack.

If I had more confidence in TC’s coding id suggest we do this here. But when I look at all the issues we have with perks not working as intended or doing something else(bleeding barriers) I don’t think this will work.

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