Clayton is broken (100%+ damage resistance)

Was testing recently how quick Jack could get their Ultimate back fast with Clayton’s Level 6 Ultimate Battery and healing him.

It turned out that he gets it back very fast within seconds.

I haven’t played Clayton much or at all in Horde so I didn’t know this.

It turned out, we accidentally made Clayton completely immune to damage.

After messing around with just Grace Period and Bait Armour alone, one then the other, it turned out that Level 6 Bait Armour causes Clayton to take zero damage.

At Level 5, I believe it would have been 50%, and I don’t think that would have been enough.

At Level 6 with up to 60%, that was enough to become completely immune.

Even though it’s not 100%, that must mean that Jack’s healing beam was giving 40%+ resistance.

I would love to try this in Horde matches but the person I tested with, doesn’t have high enough healing reach and not interested in Jack since it’s boring.

I would even try this out while I play as Jack and healing beam a Clayton with Level 6 Bait Armour but that’s not easy to find.

Just putting that info out there, it’s a neat trick.

I am not sure if this may get patched or nerfed, considering Cole still has 100%+ melee immunity.

On side note, Clayton can still get pounced on, grabbed by Sire or even possibly one grab melee KO by bosses.

I think this might be of interested to you guys. @Bleeding_Pepper @Omen_LP @Hu1k_Daddy

So normally, without Bait Armour, Clayton’s HP would be dropping then healing back, but this way, he won’t drop in HP at all.

This could be very useful with heavy weapons where explosives won’t get him downed at all, so he will never get DBNO then revived instantly, then won’t have to pick up heavy weapon again.

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I’m down,

You know me. I love testing things.

What time zone you in bro? I can do Clayton or Jack for the test.


I’m in BST time zone, so it’s 1:57 pm here, as of right now.

I was referring to wanting to play a full Horde game where a Jack heal beams Clayton with heavy weapons.

Ah gotcha,

Ok that may be tuff to do for me till next week.

I’ll try then though if you are still up for it.


Oh and I’m EST btw😀

I’ll see if I can give this a go. Normally on Horde if we use Clayton and there’s say, two approaches to our base we leave Clayton by himself (as he is tankier) and JACK focuses on healing the likes of Kait, JD , Keegan etc. Might switch it up instead.

I’m not sure the title should be Clayton is broken.

I mean everyone is fairly invincible with Jacks healing beam. And, as you pointed out, there are still ways he can go down.

It’s just a possible combination out of the many that exist.

Edit: I mean there were so many cries for every hero to be viable, but now that most are we see threads that characters are broken or OP and horde is too easy.

Wish people would understand TC gives exactly what is cried for only for people to cry again.


He’ll literally not take any damage while being heal beamed though, so the only thing s that could potentially get him is an explosive before Bait Armor goes up to the point of immunity, or an insta kill attack such as the Sire grab, Carrier grab or Matriarch deciding to give you a hand with your back problems. Aka Clayton can just stand out in the open pretty much forever and not die about 90% of the time.

So yeah… enjoy it while it lasts because somehow I feel like TC just won’t leave this be. Not personally gonna bother using this because my Clayton isn’t leveled and it seems like it’d get boring quickly, but I’m sure others will find a way to use this to make runs easier and speed them up.

More power to them.

I think it would be neat to try, but I don’t see anything here that breaks the game.

It’s just one possible synergy out of several.

I remember when Jacks would follow Kaits out in the battlefield. Rarely see that now.

Well when I tested this, Clayton was standing out there laughing at Pouncers, Elite Grenadiers right in his face and not caring about Drone Elites shooting at him from a distance on Incon wave 49 while using no cover whatsoever. If people enjoy doing that so long as they get heal beamed by Jack… good for them.

Jack was one of my first characters to develop… I never bothered to max his gold card, but the ones i use are maxes (reach, healing speed, etc).

I play evenings EST, which for you is middle of the night, unfortunately… But today mught be an exception, do you want to play today? I could start at, say, 3.30pm which is eirher 8pm or 9pm for you (donno if it is 5 or 6h diff with dst)…

I get that.

Jack also has other things to do though. Like pick up others or be smelting.

Will it be viewed as OP?

Probably. If it bothers enough people they can’t sleep at night, I’m sure TC will come along and nerf Clayton in ways we cannot imagine.

When Clayton first came out, people complained he was useless and that the grub killer had been ruined.


I’d not call him broken if I were you, especially with another external element such as different character is involved in.

I’d test the level 10 health perk with jack for non tank characters and make an observation, that’s may be better.

I also have noticed some good tips for similar characters, but I’d rather keep it to my self than expose it to the public, TC might gets pumped and nerf them.

Its no more interesting to play as a strategy than JD spamming GLs or Marcus doung 45 wave yltimate, but i would be curious to try it, once…

I was wro g, @Ektope i cant do this afternokn, but i am game to preachedule something with us and @Hu1k_Daddy, during the week, say mid afternoon est (so 2 to 4pm my time, etc). We can use PMs…

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Shoot, I love playing as Jack!

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I don’t see this as an issue unless I’m missing something (likely) I used to do this all the time with kait on forge or exhibit, even reclaimed and have her hold a lane on her own. She never died either. Occasionally she will drop for a quarter of a second and get right back up. It doesn’t stop her or kill her it’s a momentary pause.

Clay just won’t go to his knees for a split second. Not really a game changer or exploit.

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People won’t be happy until we’re basically playing Gears Of War 2 Horde.


At this point, I just would ask TC not to listen. Follow their own path. If people dont like it then so be it. They’ve proven in the past operations that they are willing to do what the community wants.

Obviously I dont mean for every aspect of the game, but this community can send so many mixed messages that sometimes I dont think even the people sending those messages know what they want.

I remember when matches never started without a Jack, now a solid 75% of my matches post Op4 have started without one. Makes matches go by so much faster.


It occurred to me that Kait may be able to achieve similar results.

Her Enhanced Stim card at Level 6 says 60% damage resistance, same amount as Clayton’s Bait Armour.

So as long as she has Reaper to get Stim or Marcus, COG Gear or Paduk gave her Stim, then she could also be completely immune to damage along with Jack’s healing beam.


Have to test this later.

that’s what everyone gets in Keegan’s ultimate circle, while the ultimate is running too with that card equipped. and what Marcus gets in cover with dug in…

The best place I can imagine this being used is on All fathers, where the team is setup behind the rear most barrier in the spawn, and jack is on the other side of the wall, using the beam THROUGH the wall… foolproof. Boring as crap for jack, haha, but effective…

Question is, can Jack stay alive out on the battlefield?

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