Clayton in January?

Credit to a guy on reddit for thinking this first, but I’ve got more reasons to add.

Baird and Drone are Mirrors so don’t think about them.

We know we are getting the kantus in January.

Lizzies ability (fast footed) makes sense for the kantus.

Now, Jermad doesn’t have a mirror. And his ability is to take 50% less headshot damage.
TC have stated that all vilians will have a mirror on the other side.

You do the maths :thinking:

Yeah, I though of that too. My guess was because there is a Griffin Emulsion logo mark in the next ToD, it would be him, but that’ll be too much goodwill from TC though. :yum:

Lol their were Skorge, UIR and Cole references in operation one. The banners and marks are just references, nothing more. It’s Clayton trust.

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True that.

I’m gonna give credit where credit is due. Jermod as a character is pretty cool. I’m not even familiar with the comics.

Sorry, little off topic.

Lol yeah. His very cool.