Clayton Helmet and armour design appreciation

Regardless of what you think of Gears 5, you can’t say that some skins have been great.

Just a moment to appreciate the designs done for the two new Clayton skins.
No alternative skins that’s don’t fit the lore, just good skins that look badass.

If we got more of this and less time on emotes, banners, blood sprays, etc I think I’d have been much happier


Love the bloke, my favourite cog by a mile

Absolute geezer

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Clayton Carmine is my main in Versus and my favorite character of the Gears franchise.

Its nice to see TC go above and beyond to create good skins for him.

I have never been disappointed with any Clayton skin released by TC so far.

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no Chrome Steel

that’s the only skin you need for Clay.

Am waiting impatiently for chrome steel Clayton to return😍

Great skins, nothing seems reused except for a few small pieces. Really digging the newest one too. Took a break from using my CS skin for Hollow Storm. I’m just not a fan of the crack in the right eye.

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Hivebuster is my go to skin! Great overall design and the COG tags on his forearm were a great addition.

Only skin I dont care for is the Collector’s version, but then again I think that variant sucks for every character. Much rather see his Gears of War 3 skin return

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I’ll never understand Collector’s skins. Especially when you can get the real version for coins for some of them.

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