Clayton Glitch - Ruining the game, Ban the cheaters

So the clayton glitch is here and it’s breaking the game beyond belief.
People who do not deserve or have the skill to complete master escape are walking through INVINCIBLE with level 6 clayton’s. Unreal.
This is a blatant kick in the face to the people who have spent time and learn’t the maps!

In ranked, if you manipulate the leaderboards you are banned, so why are you not banning the cheaters in escape? At least remove the card first whilst you sanction the scrubs… @TC_Sera


If you believe it to be a bug, please send the details into so it can be investigated.

Watch that


Put in a ticket -

Will do, but surely the developers should do their job? Maybe if the content was play tested…

It gets play-tested, but the number of QA to the number of players and the hours of such are very different.

As there isn’t anything more constructive to go with this topic, and it’s an issue that needs a ticket, closing the topic now.