ClayTon CarMine Bois

Hey y’all KNOW if my main thicc man ClayTon Carmineo is finna be Playable day 1 in gears 5? Seems like a worthwhile question to start a new topic, wouldn’t you agree.


Pffft. Use the search function Buster.

@ll_R_E_D_l this guy needs a map

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I did use the Search Function.

Ask the Search Function master

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He hath already been summoned

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Here it is. But I mean @Buster_McTunder got it in 1 shot lol

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ready and waitin!!

I’m searching “forum” in the search bar…?


I’m waiting for Anthony Carmine to be playable. :smiley:

All hail the seach function function and yea shall find’duth the knowlege yee seek.

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