Claw / Tournament vs Alt wall bouncing?

Am i missing something here? I play with the Tournament control but recently have been messing with the Tournament Alt scheme. Is there something different about the wall bouncing between the two? It seems that the timing when using the Alt scheme is different. For example, when I hit LB for my second bounce it doesn’t always register and my character just stops. Is there a cool off or something associated with the Alt schemes? Or is the range in which you can slide different? Any info is appreciated.


I have actually noticed this myself. The response and distance that you can wallbounce with Tourn-alt seems to be pretty sketchy, and I have gotten killed on several occasions on account of this

The range of the slide is the same for everyone, and there isn’t anything different about the wall bouncing beside the buttons that you pick from you controller layout.


Oh well. I guess it was just my own ineptitude once again…

It would basically be cheating if the devs made the slide different by layout, I bet it’s the LAG that you’re seeing.

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This is interesting as i can bounce pretty well with the Tournament scheme. Multiple stringed together. But when i switch to the Alt its really inconsistent and my character just stops at times. As in the LB doesnt register immediately when hitting it.

You can get smoother bounce on LAN

I have also noticed the Alt control schemes in general feel very limited when it comes to movement

There are theories that you if you press both Roll/Run and Bounce buttons at the same time while on Alt, it has the spring that you’re looking for while bouncing. I didn’t find it to be true but maybe I was doing it wrong.

It’s really hard for me to test and I’ve heard a lot of people say that you can’t bounce as fast on Alt. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true, but at the same time, being an Alt player, I don’t notice it. IMO, those times where you can’t bounce on Alt are just times where you would have misrolled if on Default.

That being said, there is an issue with misroll recovery times on Alt. If you roll and then hold the Bounce button on Default, you will grab a wall mid-roll. If you roll and then hold the bounce button on Alt, you will grab a way long after you completed the roll. Given those mechanics, I wouldn’t rule out general bounce differences as well. It’s a shame that TC is secretive about it though.

A video demonstrating what I just mentioned:

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I used to play alt, I recently changed to tournament… I noticed the differences instantly.

You can’t spam the wall bounce button on alt like you can do with default/tourney. On default there’s a slight delay when sliding into walls, kind of like the system is figuring out if you meant to slide or roll, whereas on alt you slide into walls immediately without delay. Since you slide slightly faster, you need to turn your camera that much faster to successfully chain a wall bounce.