Classified Section?

I understand this is a gaming forum ——— but has anyone thought about maybe adding a classified forum?

Just think it may be a good idea so players on this forum could trade items with others. Gears now has a lot of Lore/accessories and I know I would rather trade/sell my items to enthusiasts than to someone else.


Sounds good on paper, but the thing is TC cannot regulate the transactions that may occur, if the classified ad is a scam, they can’t get involved.

Plus the forum is generally not a marketplace.

They will not even let people trade codes . don’t even dream of trying to sell your copy of gow4 here and take money right out of their pocket…Surely you jest?

I’m not taking copies of GOW4 or copies of games

I’m talking about gears pop’s or lancers or cosplay items etc etc

The forum would be like other forums. What 2 people do is their business and a rating system could be implemented for sellers/trading.

but it goes back to the fact if someone gets ripped off or hustled it happened on thei r forums. Did u read the rules? I did not but might look

Honestly - I have not. Lol.

I’m a member of lots of off-road and car forums. All of them have thriving classified sections. Many of them ran by manufacturers or sponsored forums.

I don’t see the issue but that’s just me. I was just hoping I could buy the full size lancer replica for my game room lol

I just looked at the forum rules and it dosent say anything. but it does refer you to the microsoft terms of service but they make that so long just so you wont read it lol. I got stuff to do this month.

Haha. No need to read forum rules. All of them amount to don’t be a ■■■■ and you’ll be fine

Just whatever it is on Ebay/Amazon, and then post up a link or something.

This is prohibited because people on the internet sometimes aren’t genuine, and TC has no way to regulate this.

Ok then how come other forums have such a great success rate at it then?

And as always - it’s buyer beware. I’m not a scammer but I understand that scammers are out there and you can take precautions against them. PayPal is a great tool for that with its buyer protection policy’s.

Just throwing an idea out there.

I don’t know how to respond to that as forums i have been on haven’t allowed the practice and you have made a big claim with zero evidence displayed. Not saying that what you have said isn’t true btw, just that if you want TC to change their mind it helps to support your claims,

I would be willing to believe that places do operate that allow trades and have it be mostly success, but I can understand TC not wanting to allow it as they aren’t a company dealing with users trading.

I can link 10 different forums if you’d like. Just didn’t want clutter the page

And please don’t take this the wrong way - if you’ve only ever been on a gaming forum I can understand why it wouldn’t ever be allowed. Truck,Car, off-road forums all have a classified section. Even my wife is into clothes for our little one and is a member of a few forums - all have classified sections.

Just thought it may be cool. I’d like to have a cosplay lancer and Carmine helmet for my game room. I know a few of us have quite a few Lore items that people may be interested in when you lose interest in them or they become no longer relevant.

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I didn’t take it the wrong way, and glad you didn’t take mine the wrong way either :slight_smile:

Lol naw man. I’ve been in the forum game for quite some time. Even was a mod on a few off-road forums back in the day.

You can’t offend me by having a constructive conversation lol

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