Classification and ranges

I am creating this thread to know your opinion based on your experience with the ranks, in the same way I wanted to give my opinion from my own experience.

  • Let’s start with the first and it is the ranks in gears of war since this is the first gears to have a system of ranks and likewise modifying the game from casual to competitive and not only that but it is the first game with this system developed for them, the problem comes to see that it is the first time they use a system of ranges and likewise they use a prediction algorithm that can easily fail when encountering some variants.


you are looking for a game playing alone and the game pairs you with four other players that can be playing alone or in a team and this is where the first problem is, the algorithm predicts based on the skill levels of all the players that win the game but actually you lose it and when you look at your progress you realize that they easily dropped you 5, 10 or even 15% but and what were the bases that this algorithm had to believe that you had to win, well the reason were two of your classmates who were team while the enemies played all separately and this is where there is a variant that hurts us because the game lowers you a certain percentage when your team has teams and you lose regardless of whether you were part of that team or not

in my own experience is to win 4 or 5 games in a row being positive (proportion of casualties / deaths) and being mvp of the game so that the game decides subierme 2 or 3% and that by losing a game because my team simply does not I knew how to play and everyone was negative. They easily lowered me 10 or even dropped me 40% and the coalition says that their system works but clearly it is not like that.

  • secondly, the pairing system usually games that handle a ranking system match players by their same rank or by a lot match you with a higher or lower rank than yours, however here is different since in the Matching being low range touches you against a high rank or vice versa giving advantage or disadvantage over the other players depending on which of the two situations is present.

now in my own experience is playing games being onix 3 and my teammates gold or even bronze while in the opposing team there are onyx or even diamonds and clearly are games that can not be won the weird thing is that the coalition said that if the game Predicts that a game is going to lose and you lose it you will not lose much percentage, the problem is that when I look at my percentage the surprise is that I have descended execly.

now based on my own experience I think these could be changes that would come well

1- that the pairing is by ranges regardless of your skill level (bronze with bronze, gold with gold, onyx with onyx, etc).

2 - team match, clearly when an armed team plays against a random team will have the advantage in the game to be able to communicate while the others do not, for that reason teams should be paired against other teams and not against random people .

3 - the rise or decrease in the percentage of the range, I think they should act like other games in which if you lose a game you go down and if you win one you go up and not like in gears that if you win one, two, three nothing happens whereas if you lose one you are instantly taken down.

4 - the evaluation system should stop evaluating for the overall level of everyone in the game and start evaluating your individual performance that way if you win a game but individually went wrong then the system would lower a bit but if you lose a game but individually you went well the game would raise your percentage a little and likewise if you win and individually you will do well the system would raise enough for your performance.

Well this is all as a player and fan of gears I am disappointed by how they have taken the game so I would like you to comment that you think the changes that I put here to know your point of view in this situation.