Classic One Shot One Kill. No melee. No EMBARS. Just Longshots. Isn’t that just a great sentence to read?

It is mentioned on whats up page - No melee. No EMBARS. Just Longshots. I played 2-3 games before going to work and found everything is here.

Everyone is playing like hell and trying to meele and shoot or shoot and meele, if you down you get kick by someone else. - seems so stupid again while its gameplay with longshot only.

Please keep your commitments about your statements or hold them for future. Gears fan will always be there to play.

They STILL haven’t disabled melee for OSOK??

Regarding Embar, I’m fine with it. It’s high risk to be charging an Embar when everyone has a Longshot.

you cant melee but you can kick them when theyre down

Oh… Well then that original post is deceptive.
Thx for the info.
It would be nice if it were truly ONE SHOT but lobbies would take ages.

you can also meatshield with no pistol lol

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This is not true. meele is still enabled. I played few games and in one game got surrounded with meele attackers. They were just doing meele.

I was playing earlier you couldn’t throw elbows but you could kick a downed enemy. apparently you could melee when it first came out but when I started you couldn’t

Will try when I will be back home.

But main point is - all these thing should not be there other than longshot kill.

oh i agree

Finally TC fixed it. I am happy now, got skin too.

I think it was only in beginning hours mistakenly when event deployed.

Yeah it was the first few hours then they fixed it. Got my skin too and also my Longshot Mastery with a The Super for my 50th kill. Was pretty hyped to get that and to finally finish this event

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I played 3 matches of it last night.
TC must have patched it by the time I played because there was no meleeing, but you could execute and meatshield still.

I also joined a match, spawned, took 2 steps, got downed immediately and teabagged by a team of players from that country south of the US, so things were so, so fun. Their pings were fluctuating in the 200-500 range.

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Oh that’s good to hear. I stopped playing it yesterday after a few games because everyone was rushing to the enemy side to melee and were wall bouncing like crazy

Not sure why people were meleeing so much when it was available, those kills don’t count towards the challenge

Nice, I got it too. thanks to OSOK playlist.

This is the one of the best playlist.

i really enjoy it. i played to get the longshot. it was fun

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Only issue is people care about kills way too much instead of having fun. Most of my deaths are from meatshield. So dumb.

I may be in the minority here but I don’t see the problem with melee. If they disable melee they should also add infinite ammo.