Classic Music DLC

No disrespect to Tom Bissel but I’m not really feeling the Gears4/5 music direction, it doesn’t feel Gears enough for me. The past games had a sense of dread and decay, the chaotic feeling of seeing a beautiful statue destroyed only to see it rise up again, that feeling is very much gone in the new ones and I miss it a ton, I’ll gladly pay for a pack that replaces all soundtracks used in Versus, Horde etc with the past game’s music. But real talk tho? I just want to listen to Gears 2’s menu music again.


An option to replace the entire OST isn’t realistic but I agree with you 1010% in regards to the current theme of music. Gears of War 2’s soundtrack was phenomenal, they absolutely nailed it.

I absolutely despise the menu for Gears 4, a big J.D.? Really? I hated it from the first second, it looks ridiculously tacky and cheap. All previous Menus were brilliant, dark and eerie. The kind of menu you wouldn’t mind in the background for hours if you were busy. Let’s see if they’ve learned anything in Gears 5…


Very ture, At the very least it could change the menu music. The perfect version of this pack would change the Menu and Victory/Lose music.

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FWIW, it’s not a new composer, it’s the same composer as Gears 4, and he also did the theme an obscure cable network show nobody ever heard of called Game of Thrones.

I do like the old Gears 2 music though.

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My bad, I meant Tom Bissell as the new composer. I missed Kevin Riepl and Steve Jablonsky’s soundtracks, ESPECIALLY Riepl’s music for Gears.


I felt like Steve was the best. But I think COD had some option in a game to change the music to music from other games, that option would be great and it’s been suggested before, not even as a DLC, so I’d hope TC has seen it.

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Steve’s was good of course but nostalgia just makes Riepl’s soundtrack so good. His songs have such a strong horror element to them as well that really added to the feel of the game. That’s one thing they never recaptured.


Like RE2? I would love that. The original scores are things of beauty


Exactly like that, dream music pack for Gears 5 having nostalgia sounds and music

I would wait and listen to Gears 5 soundtracks. It’s not even released yet. And too early to judge.

Yes and no. I think it is fair to base what is to come on composers previous works. To my ears and I appreciate this is my opinion only, but Gears 4 soundtrack is not fit to tie 1,2,3’s crotchet :wink:

I couln’t have it explained ant better.
A couple days ago , me and “the friend that never played Gears” started Gears 3.
Man , that was difficult.
I played Gears 3 like a MANIAC , I think no other game out there (exept MW2) matches the Number of hours I spent in that game.
I really have some feelings towards 3.
Good days , bad days , laughters , isteric yells , jokes , attacks , and I played that campaign … I don’t know , 30 times? More?
The menu music still gets me the shivers after 8 years. I could cry to that game.

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Really? I don’t recognise you. I was in the same boat, literally playing it religiously every day for 5 years!

I know exactly how you feel about the game, and there’s no better feeling than the menu loading up right after the “Microsoft” logo. That game holds 1,000s of memories for me. I was very well known for my Hammerburst, so I felt sick when TC changed her back to burst and then proceeded to remove her from starting weapons. Why do that to me?

That’s weird. I never been a multiplayer beast , but I still played 3’s MP for a lot of hours.
Maybe that’s because I played mostly TDM.
Man , I’m pretty sure that what got me so attached to Gears 3 was actually the Campaign.
I don’t know why it was so good , but I get the feeling that even WRITING was just better.
I Remember having the same exact feel about RAAM’s Shadow , and that was just a 3 hours!
How do you get people attached to characters in just 3 hours?
Senseful dialogues.
4 missed this a lot , plenty of funny jokes and lack of substance.
5 is promising well about this , Hope they learned from their mistakes.

Just checked out the tech test (You can’t play yet)to see the main menu. The music in there actually reminds me a lot of Gears 1. Dont know, it kinda has a Gears 1 vibe to me. If that’s evidence, they might try to imitate the Gears 1 soundtrack, atleast stylistically.


I just gave it a listen, it sounds pretty decent! All it’s missing is the Gears horns at the beginning from Gears 1 and 2 menu’s, the flutes in Gears 5 sound similar to the horns tho atleast.

I was actually going to say that, I just listened to the menu there.

It has nods to Gears 1 but still lacks the “main theme” (when you pick up cog tags, get an Epic card, etc), but even with that missing it’s still a much bigger improvement on Gears 4! Eerie and mysterious, now let’s hope the menu itself is dark and has no giant J.D…

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Don’t worry, it will be probably be giant Kait this time.

And yes, I know exactly what sound you mean. I hope they bring it back in some form. I also hope they have some Gears 2/3-esque soundtracks. You know, this orchestral music with choirs singing in the background. Overall this menu music is so much better than the one in Gears 4 already and it gives me some heavy gears 1 vibes. That’s a good sign. Hopefully the soundtrack will be way better. 4 music was overall pretty forgettable.


How about iconic levels wallpapers like the UE?
I used to love UE’s menu , It wasn’t dark but definitly worked out , IMO.

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Works for me.