Classic Kait goof

Anyone else notice that we didn’t get classic GoW 4 Kait but instead got Armoured Outsider Kait from the Gears 5 campaign.

Main difference is the face :laughing:

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Gilded Kait is the classic one, not sure how they missed that.

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I think everyone noticed. Also, it’s “Armored Outsider” Kait.

It’s way better than Gears 4 version.

Kait Diaz clearly looks younger but i love the fact she has such different apperance in this form.

I think she looks super good in this game, so I personally don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue: There are also a billion weird typos and badly-explained (or not explained at all) elements in this game already, so I’m not too concerned about any single one of them.