Classic Horde, with no heroes

I am getting kind of used to the hero system and would probably prefer that instead of a classic mode now. Even though I used to love the classic horde I think a class based or skill based system has more to offer now when I’m in to it.


I’ve also been saying this for a while as well as others, but for me personally, my favorite was Horde 2.0 from Gears of War 3. Imo that game got everything right


I don’t want to remove the Heroes system, but add a variation of the Horde that a lot of people want.

Like Gears of War 3 (Horde), but without the building. Everyone starts with the same loadouts and everyone fights for the Ammo. I am good with this, but the Ammo thing, not so much.
Different Weapon Drops on the field for each and every wave, sounds like a dream.

But. I would miss playing Baird, and building, and complaining about the idiots building when there is an Engineer on the field.

On the other hand, it will save me from all this complaining. And, i did enjoy Gears of War 3. Best Horde mode, ever. I can not remember Horde in Gears of War 2, so i will put Gears 5 Horde in second place here.

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Yep, it would turn into a survival mode, fight for your life with everything you can use.

Remember, this doesn’t mean removing the Hero Mode, but adding a new variation of the Horde, which would be a good idea to keep the game fresh.

I, and several of my friends, would re-download this game if it had some form of classic Horde.


Okay, one potential risk is that the relatively small crowd that plays horde would be scattered over even more game modes.


Same. Classic horde from 2 or even 3 would give me a reason to update and play. I don’t like the Gears 5 horde at all.


Amen to this

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I still have it installed just in hopes they will do it soon. However, something will need to be deleted soon from my library because I don’t have much space left.

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That was my favorite horde. Played more hours on that and any of the later games.
So hell yeah

A lot of people have been beating around the bush asking for that by inches with nerf requests xD

Idk I remember watching a game way back when my dad and uncle were playing on Jacinto in Gears 2, and they got to about wave 26, and were pushed back to the tower and ran out of ammo with all the Grinders, and were forced to try and use their Snubs.

It was pretty great to hear, “Oh man this pistol actually kicks ■■■.” Once they realized the Snub had quite a punch.

But in my own experience, I think running out of ammo can add to the fun of things. (Except for in cases with modifiers or on higher difficulties where every juvie has the health of a Scion and DMG of a Kestrel.)


[Nazi Zombies players disliked that]



There’s nothing fun about running out of ammo in games or in real life.

That mode is called Escape.

Horde should be more about sheer numbers of enemies in varying situations.

Think World War Z.

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Fighting for ammo and running out sucked just like it does now but it was worse back then.

Kinda why they changed it…people were complaining about it.

This new system, even with it’s flaws, is soooo much better.


you have to be joking man … its like saying you like a Nissan Tiida instead of a Ford Mustang for christs sake.

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It can be custom games only. People can still play online with the lobby search feature.

This, and please allow it to have custom lobbies.

I understand people like the Hero System but I hate inflated numbers, the character restrictions, grind, and strict meta.

I’d be happy to play Classic Horde with no skill cards nor ultimates with Gears 5’s looks and mechanics. No need to get rid of the heroes and everyone’s happy. Horde has a very sizeable community so I’m sure it’s not gonna hurt it with a Classic variation.

We just need them to read this thread.