Classic Horde, with no heroes

A Classic Horde mode would be a perfect addition to release new characters.
Without skill or abilities, TC could release characters in a faster rate: initially for PvP and for this mode, and eventually add them to normal Horde and Escape.

Write your thoughts.


From Gears 2? Sure would love it



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@Surly_McGruff I wonder if this could be possible ?

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I hope so! It would “fix” a lot of complaints.

Honestly not a bad idea. 50 waves? Or shorter variant?

a horde mode with no heroes, events , skills and the ability to buy any weapon from the fabricator WOULD DEFINETELY MAKE A LOT OF PEOPLE HAPPY.

worst idea in the world to add a HERO SYSTEM into Gears 5…

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I’d be all for it. Maybe for it to work the best, they should use the difficulty system from the old games (or Gears 5 campaign).


50 waves, simple concept but hard gameplay at the same time. For OG players and new hardcore players.

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Also remember we don’t want the extra poisons every 10 waves either.

Just give us normal weapons that work, plenty of ammo, and keep the enemies coming.


I don’t remember to well, but didn’t Gears 2 have poisons?

And maybe without the 30 seconds of “break” before a new round starts, just keep the enemies coming, like a REAL horde.

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Not sure about 2. 3 did the double health and double accuracy I believe.

3 definitely did.

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Here’s the poisons for 2. I hardly played it.


Classic like gears 2 hell yeah!

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I would probably maybe try playing gears 5 again if that happened. Horde mode is such a bore as is.

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That would be alright but it’d be kind of nice if they kept the fabricator so you can at least buy barriers and guns.

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I’ve been saying this since the game launched. It’s the easiest solution to this problem:

  1. It allows TC to release characters at a faster pace with no restrictions
  2. It allows those who enjoy the Hero system Horde to continue to play it
  3. It allows traditional Horde players to enjoy Horde with any character they want

I honestly don’t know why it’s taken TC this long. It really shouldn’t be difficult to implement. Strip away the abilities and classes, and just make it old school Horde. Plain and simple. Keep the fabricator, but that’s it.


This would be awesome!