Classic Horde Stats please TC

I appreciate the game is headed towards it’s finale and there’s probably lots to do but would it be possible to give Classic Horde, the stats treatment like you did with Horde and Horde Frenzy ?

The work done on this mode since it’s first outing a few months back really shows and it’s much more enjoyable with weapon pick ups on the map, obviously the locust and the fear factor of having no fortifications or powers to help you boss the enemy, it really does feel like Classic Horde. It’s refreshing to play Horde without all the fuss and concern about what people are doing with power or their card setups.

It’s also nice that we can level up and earn cards for PVE. Having stats though, in particular score/time leaderboards and maps mastered would really be the icing on the cake and give it more replayability for us nerds…i assume i’m not alone :).

Almost forgot, if possible it would be even better if the map weapons swapped over each wave. Some maps have some bad weapon choices (enforcers on reactor for example) and it would also help players get the weapons they need for their ad lib role on the team and also help with the ammo situation.


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Please not, the last thing I want to do right now is having to worry about mastering all 30+ maps again for a third and fourth time. And get wiped if a Scion sneaks in or something.

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Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately this was one of the compromises I needed to make in order to get it into the game.


Please no

I agree. It can already happen in regular Horde, imagine playing and having the most basic things to fight them, and then something f*ck it up

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Sad to hear but understood and will take it as is. Cheers.