Classic horde offline please

Since we don’t have to worry about our upgrades being tied to the server or anything like that is it possible for you to make classic horde available offline eventually?


I hope it’s possible. And unfortunately gears of war 4 upgrade cards were tied to a server aswell

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Before that, they need to fix offline so we can use customization again.

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It’s funny that we can customize some things in an offline/LAN Versus lobby but when you’re not in it you’re completely locked out of it.

At least that’s how I remember it working, correct me if I’m wrong.

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Before, you could customize if you were in a game mode. You could bumper switch character and loadout skins in a lobby. Basically, don’t go to the Customization menu.

Now, if you try to start the game while offline, customization doesn’t even work. Everything’s blank, and you default to JD/Swarm Drone.

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Wouldn’t it default you to JD in Gears 4? I could swear the default in 5 is Kait.

Either way it should be working.

It’s probably because JD occupies the first slot as an AI.

Gears 4 either worked or it didn’t. It allowed you to customize offline when it worked.

I know that. I literally said that. What are you getting at?