Classic horde movement

Can we have this movement for Gears 6 please. If you haven’t tried it or played it recently give it a go, it’s magical!

Could you explain further maybe?


Classic Horde as in… Gears 5’s “Classic Horde” setting? Because to my knowledge that’s no different from Gears 5 Horde.

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No. I started in 06 and I’m correct.


Horde movement has UP A movement speed increase which is what alot of people wanted removed from Gears 5 Versus, including the precious pro players.

Try it and see, it just feels less clunky and more fluid. Classic horde on gears five just feels more alive than the multiplayer.

What he was asking was for clarification on what you meant. “Classic Horde” could mean Gears 2 Horde, or Gears 3 Horde, or Gears 4 Horde, or Gears 5 “Classic” Horde-- which, as I stated previously, doesn’t have a different movement tuning than regular Gears 5 Horde, hence the need for further explanation.

It’s well known on the forums that PvE and PvP movement are different and that PvE is faster/more fluid. It’s been a constant complaint for the last year.

Is that not what I said in the last comment? Let’s not get so bent out of shape here over something that seems to be rustling your jammies! I’m sure the the previous caller can type for himself and doesn’t need you to ask questions on his behalf. I’m not new to Gears I just hadn’t played the Classic Horde mode on Gears 5 before as I normally play the multiplayer. I’m sure you’ll agree it does feel better.

It’s “rustling your jimmies”. :wink:

We’re friends. We speak with/for each other in a two-pronged attack. But, again, Classic Horde and Horde have the exact same movement tuning. You should join us all in Horde. It’s way more fun than PvP these days.