Classic Horde Crashing

So Classic Horde is making my game crash on my PC every SECOND time I fire it up. For example, I’ll load up the game, try classic horde, get a good game in, and then when I try to play it again, it ALWAYS 100% of the time crashes my game.

This will happen even if I don’t finish a game, for example, if I fire up classic horde, and play half a game, win, lose, or quit, the next time I try to play it, crash.

Is this happening with anybody else?


Mine crashes with no apparent pattern when I am loading into a match (console). Been happening since OP5.


yes, happening to me too (pc)

Yes. It also happenes with me on PC.

It crashed for me after matchmaking on series X. I was able to play 1 full game of classic horde before this

This has been happening to me on Xbox One X for the past few weeks

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Same here as well. Can play one match then the next match it will crash and I’ll be sent to the xbox home screen. As soon as it says match created it crashes.

On a side not some of the daily tours are not registering. You have to shut down the game and restart. Encountered this with a few other players starting yesterday.


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Yes i can confirm that alternate games are crashing after matchmaking

Also i thought this was on new maps only…but i played on exhibit

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The same issue with regular Horde Frenzy. This kind of issue has been happening since the start of Operation 5.


Series X, happening to me too. Have to close the game and relaunch it.

Funny, same here. Played full 12 on beginner & no problems. got to wave 6 on advanced crashed. Tried again, got to wave 7 advanced crashed again.

The first time I thought it was the map nexus plus me chainsawing everything that made it crash due to all the extra parts on the map, but the next time it crashed was on gridlock and I was making sure to just shoot everything. I was having a knife fight with a teammate going from the end of wave 7 and about to go to wave 8 and it froze.

Wtf is going on here?? Had no problems in op5 til classic horde. This is bs.

It’s put me on Exhibit a few times too but they never last because people quit to find a match with the new maps. I also have crashed to the home screen I believe 3 times in total from yesterday alone (playing on the One.) Hopefully it gets looked into.

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Hi, just wanted to say I’m having the same issue. I’m playing on PC thru the Xbox app. I’m getting a hard freeze every second time I try to match into the Classic Horde event (haven’t tried on other horde modes). For whatever it’s worth, I’ve had the issue both when going straight from one horde game into another, and when there’s a down period (~30 minutes) between games.

Alright I’m glad I’m not the only one. I hope that TC is watching this thread so they may be able to send out a patch on it.

I’ve also seen weird glitches where people try to play Jack in classic that probably could be patched out too.

Come on TC, this game mode rocks, make sure it runs smoothly please, I wanna play it and get those bloody weapons!

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TC are aware and have made a thread asking for communtiy data to help figure this out :slight_smile: