Classic Golden Gear Challenge - 4 January - 10 February 2019

There’s a new challenge dropping tomorrow (4 January 2019), with the Classic Golden Gear character skin as the reward.

Just get 150,000 points in Versus public playlists by 10 February 2019.


Hmmm. Nothing special. Don’t we have him already? Well some of us at least

I think it is because he is “classic”

Nah. It’s a different variation of the Golden Gear. Looking at the promo picture, the helmet is different to the existing Golden Gear. The existing Golden Gear is basically Clayton but without tattoos and in gold. This one looks like it’s got the same helmet as the V-Day Gear, slightly different colouring of the helmet, and the armour looks like there’s less emphasis on gold.


Would still rather one of the female COG or Adam F, hopefully in 5

Ohhhhh I see

Just another ridiculous challenge that I won’t be going for.

My question is, when they say “public playlists”, does that include against AI?

To be honest this is epic.

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They said no AI.

A Coalition tweet stated that the challenge includes social and ranked versus play but not co-op vs ai.

I think the challenge itself is decent enough, and doesn’t impact objective gameplay as drastically as something like a kill amount challenge does, but whether or not the reward is worth it is the question.

Can’t tell if the character is just a reskinned version of the V-day cog/medic, but it looks very similar.

Interested in community reaction to this challenge, and the reward. :thinking:

I saw some people complaining about the Gears 4 Golden gear so It’s for those maybe.
The challenge isn’t that hard too, If you play social you will get it pretty easily :+1:

I’m not going to do a backflip, it’s only Golden Gear. But at least it’s a score-based reward instead of kills.

They really could’ve started with a bang with the Onyx Guard though. Missed opportunity.


I already have the previous one so I’m most likely going to just get this one while just normally playing like the emerald gear

Adam is already in the game, just use DB Baird lol

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Like most people will care :stuck_out_tongue:

Golden Gear is gooden Gear, unless your into the intracies.

lazy resin lol

If you just went after kills - it’s only 858 kills at 175 points each kill lol

And you basically get a Gold Clayton Lol


Great, more challenges to treat us like zombies.