Classic E-Day Gear

Hello there, first i have to say i loved so much the NCOG Marine characters but can we have a classic COG Gear (Gears of War:Ultimate Edition) with the third helmet variant?

i just poorly edited how will look like.


The head looks so small lol

what makes it a classic gear?

the third and Benjamin´s helmet are small compared to Anthony’s helemt

Lol just give us masterchief

As cool as the NCOG Marine is i think I’d rather play as a regular COG Gear with the third variant as well.

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The NCOG just has more bulky armour, they already have 2 different variants of the E-Day Gear and they release a new one which we have never seen before and you are still not satisfied?


well yes, i am satisfied about this new gear pack (NCOG Marine) but if we can have more regular COG soldiers why not?

and the E-Day Gear (Male and Female) would have the third variation helmet, not Anthony´s helmet :confused: just my opinion.

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I get that but honestly if they did make a variant it would look the same just less armour.

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