Classic Delta Packs

Does anyone know how soon until they become available again? If I could have one skin out of all of them in the game, it would be classic Dom (my favorite character). I seem to have a talent for not playing Gears around the time they become available. So now I am saving every credit I earn for when it next comes out so I can get all of classic Delta. Can someone give me an ETA on when the next opportunity will be that I can acquire them? I know November 7th is a likely candidate, but that is a long way off…

We don’t know when packs are going to come back, even if it does its probably going to become craftable later down the line.l rather than be a credit pack.

My advice would be is set aside x amount of credits and scrap in case if the packs return or characters become craftable.


When will the Classic Delta Packs return?

There is no ETA when they’ll come back, if at all. Classic delta squad was brought back to celebrate 11 years of Gears. However you just got to wait and see if they come back as a pack or going to become craftable later down the line.