Classic Curbstomp $5....Forreal this time (UPDATE-$5 Price Tag Was an Accident?)

I prefer put my 5€ in my ■■■, less hurt

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5 dollars can buy me a big bag of brown rice that’ll last me like a month or longer.

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you could buy with that a MUSKETEERS CHOCOLATE OR A SNICKER .

way more calories to add !!!.

Hate chocolate. But I mean you’re right I think a big bag of brown rice is like 4 something so you could most certainly get that too.

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Correct me if Im wrong here but wasnt the bots doing this exact thing during the tech test??

TC/MS seems to not understand that the level of greed they continue to show is really putting people of of this game. I dunno if its TC/MS who has the final say but something really needs to change and change fast.

Since theres no RNG when it comes to paid content then there should be no Common/Rare/Epic elements to said content. Charging 800 iron for Kait/COG Gears skins then turning around and charging 200 more iron is ridiculous;ous


Im absolutely convinced that this is because Jack O Lantern and skeleton Kait sells.

Call me crazy, but a saw a looooooooot of those in the past days, so I wouldn’t surprise that they said
“Oh people actually pay for this stuff, there you go”

Looks like TC won’t be adding the GoW2 stomp to the store after all. Check their Twitter.

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Remember the pack UIR in gears 4 at 4000 never
they understand


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I agree and this is why I was saying people need to boycott the store until real change happens. People need to hold off buying just because TC puts their favorite character up.


I got Delivery Mac for the memeeeesss. But other than that I’ve not put any money into it. Only other things are from the what, 1,250 Iron you start with + RTG5 + TOD?

But basically yeah. I’d greatly advise everyone not to spend money on it. But most of my friends just quit the game. So mission accomplished one way or another.


You’ll have to buy a chainsaw attachment in Gears 6. I’ve run out of words to describe TC at this point.


It’s very absurd at this point… lol

Fun fact… the curb stomp from gears 2 isn’t the “classic curb stomp”

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I bought Skelly Kait but that was a holiday skin whereas this is straight up a recycled execution just like the boltok throttle smdh

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Not without twisting RS it ain’t.

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Well depends if you’re talking about the Gears 1/UE stomp, or the Gears 2-4 Turnaround stomp. Technically yeah it isn’t the classic one but it’s the one everyone recognizes.

To anyone who may concern.

Always happy to see what you guys think.

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It seems like a back and forth now with this store…this is getting more tiresome than annoying.


Although I wonder if it’s because of backlash?

Ryan Cleven has said this is a mistake.

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