Classic Curbstomp $5....Forreal this time (UPDATE-$5 Price Tag Was an Accident?)

I know the first time we got curbstomps I misread “roundhouse” as the classic turnover stomp in Gears being sold in the store, but I retracted it because it was an overreaction. But not to fear because TC has you covered!

NOW you can get the Actual classic Curbstomp for $5! Woah! Aren’t you excited! And on the What’s Up they gave us a gif so now we know what the animation looks like and I can confirm its the classic curbstomp.

Just wonderful.

UPDATE: 5pm (PST), TC have announced on Twitter that they won’t actually be releasing the curbstomp tomorrow. I didn’t see a reason why, maybe because Gears 2 turns 10 in a couple days. If someone saw a reason please let me know.

Hey, maybe this thread worked!

UPDATE: 8pm (PST) As pointed out by our great friend @GhostofDelta2 the Curbstomp was an accident by TC and won’t be apart of the store? It’s my opinion that there was either a big hiccup or a bigger backstep on TC’s part, but nevertheless TC says that the Curbstomp won’t be in the store and they currently have no idea what to do with it, maybe a Supply Drop item.


Popcorn is ready (referring to my post on the What’s Up pinned thread)

Let the games begin!


I think Ill buy a mcdonalds big mac instead of buying that… = )


It’s the Gears 2/3 Curb Stomp.

They tried to cover the actual OG one but…it didn’t quite work.


£4.25 doesn’t even buy a meal in the UK…

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I’m from Mexico, with 4 dollars you could buy yourself a big mac, a soda and french fries ( big size) = )

Im sorry I didn’t said that before.


I hate inflation :joy:



However I do think TC should give this kind of stuff for free I mean the game its as broken as it could ever be and they haven’t give us our WORTHS MONEY at all.

these kind of things should be given as THANK YOU for our loyalty… I mean if SPOTIFY which is on the same bussiness of selling subscriptions give free months to use the service , I don’t see why THE COALITION shoud be off the hook on a bad game full of bad design decisions.

It does, where are you eating, Harrods :wink:
I’m not saying it buys a fulfilling meat that has all the vitamins etc , but you can certainly get fast food or even a Marks n Sparks meal for one!


Oooh, splashing the cash now aren’t you? :joy:


I haven’t tried that man… such franchise hasnt arrive on Mexico…

is it good ?

Oh, and winter skin Marcus is $10

Remember when they said they listened to our feedback about the absurd prices of micro transactions, and would lower them?

The lie detector test determined… that was a lie.


it just quickie bucks they want to milk from the big cow… that’s the game plan THE COALITOIN has…

It was never about the game, delivering a good game or creating a game worthy of the Gears of War franchise…

It just making a look a like fortnite game to milking money , and that’s about it… with such practices they make Ronald Mcdonald look like Gandhi in more than one way…



I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard in the past “lol in the next gears they’re gonna cut the curb stomp and charge you for it!”

It was supposed to be an exaggeration, not a suggestion… :weary:


No Harrods where I live.

I guess a Marks and Sparks will have to do.

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McDonald’s Saver menu? Saver menu Mayo chicken, Small chips and small drink is £2.87. You can upgrade to a medium drink or a medium fries with the £1.38 left over

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That’s kind of lame, with the drink. Here in the states any drink any size for $1.


Can’t wait to buy this along with everything else they release from the store to support the cause…

Just kidding