Classic Crimson Omen Mark?


A friend of mind just asked me if there was a mark for the original crimson omen to spot enemies. After looking at the mark customization menu, I could not find it, however he still states that it exists and saw it in-game.

Is it extremely exclusive? Should I tell him to go to an ophthalmologist?

Possibly was a purchase in the store with iron.

There is a crimson omen Mark that I got in a supply crate and the Phoenix omen Mark. The latter he should be able to craft with scrap.

It was in the store on launch week. Maybe it will come around soon.

I see, I’ll tell him that.

Thank you everyone!

P.S: It would be nice if we could see past content from the store, even if we can’t buy it. Don’t you think?

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Did you mean this mark?

I’m looking for that classic omen mark. How did you obtain it?

Read above posts/solution.

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It was in shop, probably two weeks from release, and has never appeared again