Classic Character Poses

Anyone remember the classic Character poses from Gears 3/J. It feels like the pictures on the cards have one of four poses for each faction. It’s a small detail but I miss the Gears 3 or J style of each character having a unique pose and after being selected you would see the model appear on screen like how they appear in J/4. Is this a me problem or does anyone else care?


It’s not a you problem but it is a detail that I don’t know if a lot of people noticed. Although now that you point it out yes it was nice but if I’m picking one detail that I miss the most it’s the faction leader talking to you between rounds and after matches. I miss those little nuances the most.

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Yeah. All the little details need to come back.

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The pictures of the characters? It’s not really an Issue even though it was a nice small touch.

Yeah ik. Just miss the small details. And like I said, the cards have one of four poses.

It’d be good to have the option. For example, Myrrah posing with her right arm raised, RAAM holding his arm out in the “Serve the Queen” pose, Marcus holding COG tags… It’d be better than looking at the default lancer pose, though that’s a useful option in terms of picking weapon skins.

Also agree with @DLCarr17 110%, the pre/post-round speech was always great, the Locust specifically. The Queen made losing a round/match that bit better. Nothing will replace her, but it’s definitely needed over the generic boring music that plays in Gears 4.

Yeah agreed all the way.

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