Classic Baird's Dark Blue COG Armor vs the Carmines?

So Classic Baird obviously uses the Ultimate Edition Dark Blue while the Carmine’s use the original games color scheme, so honestly Baird’s armor should be switched to the lighter blue of the Carmines or if you wanted to go a step further change them all to Recruit Clayton’s color scheme which is actually the closest color to Gears 1.

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Yeah I’m not sure why bairds armor is so dark. I think it looks ugly. In addition to being far more bulky and plastic-y than previous classic bairds, he doesn’t even have the correct color scheme. Normally classic Baird is a good skin and favored among gears fans, but this version is not good at all. I doubt they will, but it would be nice if they could at least redo the color scheme a bit to match og Baird


It’s just a straight port from Ultimate Edition, I find it funny that they would go through all the trouble messing around with the Carmine’s trying to get them right but took one look at Baird and said he looks fine.

Love the way Baird’s armor looks. Also, it differentiates his armor from Anthony Carmine. Also, no. It uses a different shade of blue compared to Gears UE.


I thought I was the only one to notice. Idk what’s wrong with TC and making blue so ■■■■■■■ dark or prominent. I hate the way training grounds looks because of this honestly.

I dont know. I think he looks great imo. Far superior to his classic look in the Epic games. Only other Baird to look as good was Judgment Baird.


That’s concept art. You’re really comparing it to in game assets?

ThE fRoNt Of CaRmInE’s hElMeT iS dIfFeReNt!

BaIrD’s ArMoR iSn’T bLuE enuf!!1!

People nitpick too damn much.


Looks way better dark. Kind of like how the Man of Steel Superman suit is the best one ever created. Darker colors look better

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Yeah, it’s almost like a blueish-purple. It looks kinda ugly if you look at it too hard lmao.
I would rather it be recolored to match the Carmines.
Also, his hair is pretty dark, too. It’s basically brown instead of blonde.

I mean, they redid RAAM’s armor. So, I’m sure they could do redo Baird eventually.

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I think it looks great, it just has a clean look to it so it seems brighter I think but love the darkness of it mostly :ok_hand:

nah, at least not for me, I like the color and the like that, along with the blue stripes on the plates give a unique armor to baird, I always liked that detail by tc, which, in epic games gears he reused exactly the same body model in 4 characters (baird, minh, anthony and Benjamin, this is better appreciable in gears 3), and although nobody really complained about it, tc gave their own model to each character, this shows a lot in baird and minh, a little more discreet in Anthony, youngest and e-day gear, but if you have a good eye and a little patience you will notice that they are not exactly the same, I know that sometimes we are too fussy about details, what Which is sometimes something exaggerated (I still defend that the paduk kilo shoulder pads are smaller in 5 than in judgment) but sometimes the details are everything, and they make an abysmal difference, they contribute a lot with so little, which is appreciated

deviating a bit from the topic, if there is one thing I would like to see changed in baird, it is hair, her dirty blonde looks good in UE and 4/5, but I miss the classic light blonde baird, (same with anya , which went from 4 to 5 from clean blond to dirty blond), if there is a gears 2 UE in the future it would be great if he had it like that, we could assume that he finally washed his hair, I realized this when I saw a fanart in fb where baird from tc has a light blonde and looks really amazing in my opinion

although well I don’t know how well a light blonde would combine with the dark blue of his armor, but I like how he looks baird freshly bathed

The carmine color is far more attractive on gears who wear this armor, I wish Baird would be more blonde as well.