Classic Baird Grind

I was told solo escape would be the fastest way to grind the classic Baird skin out.

Any other ideas? Maybe another method to mix it up, that’s a lot of escape :frowning:

If you are trying to fast track it your only options are horde or escape. I’d get to the halfway point of the hive and just keep killing the enemies at the checkpoint and reloading as they all count towards the medals as long as you finish the escape match when you are done. At least it was working like that before the update.

As for pvp it would be good if you like using the one shot as it’s good for getting the headshot medal but the carnage, damage, kills and executions are way easier to get on pve

Here’s a quicker idea: uninstall Gears 5.

Now select Gears 1/2/3, or even 4. Classic Baird is all yours. Enjoy.


Lmao yeah that’s another idea which I am close to exploring myself. I personally hope a gears of war 2 remaster appears-I have played them all but 2 holds a special place for me lol river ruins stasis hail etc


No thanks sir, if I am frustrated with gears 5 I play an entirely different game. I don’t see the point in putting on my rose tinted glasses and back tracking to another gears that frustrated me as well.

I don’t mind earning the character, the same way I had to wait 6 months and really on RNG to earn it in the last game.

You should put them on. Going back at least you’ll have fun while being frustrated.

Looks to be the same idea as the Winter Armor Kait skin - earned progressively throughout the TOD while completing other medals and unlocking near the end of the Operation (of course people will grind it non stop to get it within the first 2 weeks probably).

The Mines is a good place to go for eliminations, die before the doors close and restarting at the safe room can net I think ~80-100 kills depending on enemies placed. Or just place Horde beginner waves 1-10 or 30-40, you’re not going to get it early without some sort of tedious grind.

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The 15mil damage is ez do a custom solo horde on beginner as kait with the bleed card and you’ll rack up damage really quickly

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I’m already at like 300k and I’ve barely played. Recommend doing wave 10 and just bleeding the boss and restarting and doing it again

hey is baird gonna stay there forever or is there a time limit to get him?
is he a limited character?

I did the OP2 ToD without a single Escape run, just mostly coop and solo horde.

Headshot I found easiest with trishots in horde. Beginner solo horde as Del on all fathers, near the spawn, put 2 sentries on each side, 2 level 2 wires on each side, couple lockers for trishots, super easy.

Donno if this was fastest, but super easy… if I needed executions I would run the cog gear and chainsaw all enemies…

I got the classic baird very early on…

Armored Baird is a character you can earn indefinitely with a totem. Classic Baird is a time limited skin through tour of duty.