Classic Alternative Control Scheme issue on PC

I have a feeling this problem might not be well known because the conditions are likely uncommon. My favorite control scheme has always been classic alternative because you can avoid rolling on accident. However some unfortunate side effects of that are that it makes minor changes to gameplay that seems to interract with other systems negatively and hasn’t been compensated for.

Campaign: biggest issue is I accidentally use the jack ability constantly. annoying to just spam waste it every time I interact with something

Horde: using ultimate abilities near or on top of a fortification doesn’t work, can get you killed in an unlucky situation. the silverback is especially problematic with this. Sometimes it outright bugs out and I can’t reload when I exit the mech. It’s probably control scheme related. Silverback seems to have a lot of bugs with the controls in general.

PVP and in general: If I type in chat at all using my keyboard it glitches my control scheme about 50% of the time to reset to default and I have to quickly spam the escape key to make it remember the settings and switch back to classic alternative. (sucks in pve especially because I pause the game for everyone)

a lot of the time the chat button doesn’t respond at all and I have to use the keyboard inputs.

I hope this gets looked at in the very least. This control scheme is outright better in my experience and it’s a little hindered by some bugs. Usually I would play mouse and keyboard on a pc game, but gears is an exception out of the raw amount of hours I played years ago. pls fix and if anyone knows any work arounds that can be done let me know. hitting escape a lot is my only solution but the pve things are pretty frustrating because I’m 99% it’s an overlooked problem with the control settings on PC.

if the devs aren’t aware of this idk where to really report bugs in a significant place. I want them to be aware as control problems are pretty severe