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Classic alt set up to remove button input lag?

Is this still a thing ? I did it before Christmas and started playing again this week. I used to use the default set up and had A mapped to a rear paddle. Does this setup still remove input lag on pressing controller buttons? Seems to work better for me but it could just be a placebo effect.

Yep, @N0DEZER0 made a video a bit ago on it. Seems to work for me.

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Yeah same. I really enjoy it.
Looking forward to seeing the new “shooter” set up Ryan mentioned on a recent stream also


Same here. Didn’t he said it’d be out with Op 3?

believe so yes

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New “shooter” as in new control scheme?

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Input lag in 2020. Astonishing.

I use default and will never change it. I shouldn’t damn have to for the game to run better either. Pathetic.


Apparently yeah

I wouldnt know. I use classic alt the normal way. Since gears 2.
I use paddles.

  • big paddle right side -A
  • Big paddle left side - X

I use my ring fingers. ( u dont realize just how weak and unresponsive your ring fingers are until you start using them on a consistent basis)

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what? any more info on this?

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It’s not input lag being removed, it’s making the bounce happen when A is pressed, rather than when it is released. The result is that it feels more responsive.

It’s still pathetic.